Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vintage Romance

Last Sunday I got to work on an amazing creative (for mag submission) w/ a great team. I re-teamed w/ photographer Zach Hertzman and stylist Alexandra Loeb who I've had the pleasure to work w/ on numerous occasions now. We also got an amazing model Danielle Knudson from Sutherland who had actually just returned from working in Asia the past 18 mths. I'm so glad we got the chance to work w/ her b/c she was not only a great model but also had amazing skin and an amazing body! Plus VERY patient...she stayed later for us b/c we ran a bit behind and I'm SOOO glad she did!

Everything came together so perfectly on Sunday. The location was this amazing loft loaned to us from one of Zach's friends. It was still in the mist of construction and had a great feel to it - very rustic, rough and eccentric (there was a working toilet and shower in the middle of the loft w/ nothing enclosing them lol). The weather was perfect and sunny which worked perfectly for the window scenes.

We were going for a sort of vintagey, soft, romantic sort of feel - dead leaves on the ground, old books, sunlight etc.. Once Zach clarified the theme it totally came to me to contact this accessory designer I'd heard of through another MUA friend - Sian Melton. I knew her accessories would be a perfect match for the style we were going for. So I contacted the designer Jillian at Headmistress Accessories and she was more then gracious and generous w/ the loan. I really LOVED her one headpiece that we used esp. for the beauty shot at the end.

Saturday before the shoot I picked up the hair pieces and once I saw them in person it totally changed the concept I had originally planned for the hair...and I'm so glad I went w/ my gut b/c I'm VERY happy w/ the results (I really do think I'm getting better at hair ;) ).

I actually wanted to use this technique I saw on YouTube using tin foil to curl hair. I tried it on my mannequin head before and it made the most amazing big curls. Unfortunately, it didn't work that well on Danielle's hair :S . I think it was b/c her hair was SOOOO long and it just didn't have time to dry thoroughly enough even w/ a hair dryer to make the ringlets I needed...but never fear I had a Plan B. I just took my New Magic Wand (like the one I mentioned before but now it has 3 different curling stick sizes that you can change) and went through her hair and made tiny ringlets that I then pulled apart to create some of the biggest and curliest hair I've EVER done - time consuming but SOO worth it. It lasted perfectly throughout the ENTIRE shoot! You'd never believe this girl actually has thin hair looking at the hair we got that day!

I kept her makeup fairly clean through most of the shoot. Later into the shoot I pumped up the eyes or added some lip colour. The last beauty shot was by far the most dramatic of the looks. I teased her hair out some more and gave her a bold burgundy lip w/ a purple smokey looked so hot w/ the head piece IMO.

Can't wait to see the pics...I definitely feel this one has a VERY good chance at getting picked up somewhere. Exactly what I needed for my book - A fashion story that's a bit softer but shows great hair work!

So here's some pics of the shoot throughout the day courtesy of Alexandra Loeb (b/c my camera sucks lol)
Me trying the ill fated tin foil technique on the VERY patient Danielle (I swear it does work...just not that day :( )
This is the 2nd Look - Headpiece by Headmistress Accessories
The 4th Look was shot in the VERY open concept bathroom lol! After seeing a toilet in the middle of the room Alex and I both felt it HAD to be used!
Teasing out Danielle's hair EVEN more near the end of the day....that girl had some big hair by the end lol!
Beauty Shot Look - Love the Head Piece!


Siân Elizabeth-Anne said...

Yay! I'm glad you were able to use her pieces. Everything looks stunning! And those curls....beautiful!

lelo said...

amazing! i love it!

Siân Lidgate said...

I need one of those curling wands! The hair is amazing. We have the normal ones here but not seen the one with interchangeable barrels. What's the make? I'll try eBay!! x

john said...
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