Friday, April 9, 2010

Mango Studio - SmileBooth

So on Weds. night I went out to the launch party of Smilebooth for Mango Studios w/ fellow blogger/MUA/friend Ashley Readings. My friend and photographer Zach Hertzman works at Mango Studios which is a studio that specializes in Weddings and I'm not exaggerating when I say they seriously do some of the most beautiful and artistic wedding photography I have ever seen...seriously breathtaking!

So anyway, it was a great night to catch up w/ some ppl in the industry plus meet a few new ones. Zach actually had one of our pics hanging in the studio so that was nice to see...always like to see my work hanging on a wall lol. The party was to promote/launch their new service/product - Smilebooth. They are the first studio in Canada to have a Smilebooth so that's pretty exciting!

Basically, it's a big photo booth w/ different backgrounds that you and your friends can go into and take wacky, crazy photos in. It's a great idea for weddings, corporate events, parties etc. I mean what would be better at the end of your wedding then to see all these crazy pics that all your friends and family did in the photo booth that those are some memories you won't forget...esp. once everyone has a few drinks in them ;)

So Ashley and I took a whirl or two in the photo booth w/ let's just say varied results lol. Here's a few of my favs from the night!
A little self promotion never hurt anyone ;)

Sexy Face...hmm maybe not

Showing the Love

Showing the Hate? lol

As you can see we had A LOT of fun in the SmileBooth!


Mo said...

You guys are amazing!! I was cracking up when I saw those pics. Looking forward to working with you guys!! - Mo @ MANGO

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