Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sensual Romance

So Fri. I shot a creative w/ some of my fav ppl to work w/ Dexter Quinto (photographer) and Alexandra Loeb (stylist)...and one new person - there was actually someone else doing hair - Sandro Zamparini. I literally haven't worked w/ a hair person for like 2 yrs so this was a bit different for me...and I'm realizing the more comfortable I get w/ hair the more I actually LIKE doing it (OMG I NEVER thought I'd utter that statement lol)! But it was nice to just focus on makeup and nails for once instead of thinking about everything.

This was actually a last minute creative...which I almost never accept but when it comes to Dexter I just can't say no. Dexter wanted to do something really clean, simple and beautiful that really just focused on the model. Originally, Dexter was just going to style it himself but thankfully Alex was able to come in last minute and grace us w/ her talents. Seriously, this girl brought the shoot to a different level. W/out her it was just a simple creative w/ her it became something beautiful and high end enough to actually submit to magazines...the girl has some great connections!

My focus for this one was to stick w/ things in the brown, gold and bronze family. I wanted it to be pretty natural but still sensual and bronzy. I wanted to keep things in a more neutral palette b/c that's very in for Fall...yes I'm already thinking about Fall makeup see how far in advance us Fashion ppl have to think about things lol. Once I started working I also decided to do a really bold brow b/c the model's brows were perfect for this...and again popular for Fall.

We ended up using the Auburn hair beauty Shelby from Elite. This girl totally rocked it! She was perfect for the concept, her hair and skin totally complimented my makeup concept and she knew her angles and took direction wonderfully! I swear though no matter how long I'm on set I still forget that these beautiful amazons are often 16 or 17 (sometimes younger).

So here's some photos taken during the shoot courtesy of Alex (her camera kicks my camera's ass lol).
Don't I feel short

There is a gorgeous Beauty Shot from this look!


Deborah Jones said...

wow. she's flawless! Amazing pics. Really they are incredible. I want to ask though, when you mention submitting to a magazine, do people just do shoots and submit in a magazine? I know I've made it sound simplistic I've just never known how it works. Curious I guess.

lelo said...

I love thinking far in advanced.

What kind of shadows do you like to use? I'm trying to find new things to try.

Reveriepapillon (Skyla Arts) said...