Friday, April 2, 2010

Some New Work...Finally!

So in the next couple of mths I should have about 4 editorials coming out..maybe more. I've been doing some shoots over the past few mths but unfortunately I'm not allowed to share the pics w/ you until the pics are published.

What's exciting is that I actually had two editorials come out in two days! One a Beauty story and the other a Fashion Story. Today I'm going to share w/ you the Beauty Story (so you'll just have to tune in tomorrow for the Fashion Story ;) )

I worked on this story back in late Nov. actually. The model Kristen (Next) had actually just come back from working in of course we had a lot to talk about lol. The photographer Kira Bucca and I were going for a very pretty, flowery, Spring style story. This really appealed to me b/c a lot of my Beauty work happens to be very bold and avant garde. This hasn't been intentional it's just that's the type of Beauty work I had been offered up until then...sometimes it's hard to find a photographer that wants to do a clean, pretty beauty story b/c it might not be as "exciting" as say me painting the model's face white or something.

So to connect this to my other recent post - this was an excellent opportunity for me to do a "free" shoot b/c it totally filled in a spot in my portfolio that was lacking...clean, pretty beauty the model had gorgeous curly red hair...who doesn't want to have a red head in their portfolio (I LOVE natural red hair)!

My only gripe w/ the story is how the magazine decided to do the layout (you'll understand when you see it) but you can't have everything. Btw it was featured in Ink Magazine. So w/out further ado...
Garden of My Dreams
Photographer Kira Bucca
Stylist Sherri Gallagher
Model Kristen (Next)
Makeup & Hair Jessica Jean Myers
To answer the question the model's hair is naturally curly and gorgeous but I did use my "magic wand" to refresh some of the top layer curls.


M. Wendy said...

I love this story!!! Great job!! =D Did you use your magic curling iron to curl her hair or does she just have the most gorgeous natural curls? I love her hair!

Reveriepapillon (Skyla Arts) said...

I love the first image! :D

Rhia Amio, Make-up Artist said...

love this! beautiful work.