Monday, July 12, 2010

Another INK Editorial - Strange Days

So as I mentioned before I have 2 editorials in the latest issue of INK Magazine which is kind of exciting :)

Still I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed in the layout of this second editorial. There were so many beautiful images from this story and a lot of times I'm never happy w/ the images the magazine goes w/. Sometimes I just don't get their point of view or where they are coming from w/ their selections. To be honest pretty much all my fav pics from the shoot were not picked :(...and to make matters worse they cut the story from 8 pages to 4. This is esp. disappointing b/c IMO our story was A LOT stronger then some of the stories that were 6-8 pages.

It was shot by Zach Hertzman who is quickly becoming one of my fav young photographers to work w/. He has such a great style and I can't wait to shoot our next editorial together (we're already planning it and it's going to ROCK!) and styled by Alexandra Loeb (again one of my fav stylists to work w/). The whole team just has such great chemistry! I loved our model too...Danielle truly is a gorgeous girl...I'm jealous lol!

Anyway, here's the a few of my fav images that the mag didn't pick up.

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Tiffany S. said...

The ones that didn't make in are gorgeous! It's too bad they didn't make it in, because they're my favourite.