Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bride - Ali

So I just got home about an hr ago from my early morning bridal know the one I was packing for last night lol!  Anyway, it went fabulously and I think the bride looked gorgeous and angelic.  It's funny b/c before I met Ali she kept going on and on about having bad skin and could I cover it....I was paranoid and expecting pock mark scars and acne.  The girl has gorgeous skin...fair, no pores...and yeah maybe one or two pimples but nothing a little green concealer can't cancel out.  Seriously, I think her skin might be better then mine lol. 

For the makeup look Ali wanted the drama on the eyes so we did a grey/black smokey eye w/ black liner and a wispy full false lash...shes likes big lashes and even her natural lashes are quite long.  I contoured her cheeks a bit and added a bit of highlight to the cheekbones along w/ a bit of pink blush to give that rosy glow.  I finished everything off w/ a pink/nude lip and pink gloss.  Her maid of honour (who I did hair for as well) kept raving about how great she looked while I did the makeup...exactly the type of audience I LOVE lol.  Ali has SUPER long hair and wanted it all up...I learned in the trial that when hair is almost reaching the ass this is NO EASY feat.   I'm not going to lie I wasn't happy w/ what I did at the trial.  But then I came across this great YouTube hair tutorial for super long hair and I knew it would be perfect for Ali b/c she didn't want anything too structured. 

So here's a quick snapshot of Ali before I left...ignore the bad lighting and the hotel room background lol.

Here's the hair tutorial if you're curious:

Also now that I have a new computer which makes my life a million times less stressful (you seriously have no idea).  I'm thinking about maybe doing some YouTube Videos of my own...what kind of stuff would you guys like to see or be interested in learning about?


Ebonny said...

Hi Jessica,

I love this post because it actually tells you everything that you did and includes things like how you were nervous and you didn't like the hairstyle you did in the trial. I am a new makeup artist about to start freelancing and I would love to see some tutorials on how a wedding booking starts and ends (from the moment the client calls you to the trial and the actual day). This post has been helpful because it helps take some of the nerves away when I hear that other makeup artists get nervous and make mistakes. I love the makeup and hair, you did an amazing job! I look forward to reading more posts and possibly watching tutorials :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

If you're still looking for suggestions for some Youtube vids, I'd love to see a smokey look for asian eyes you mentioned in the bachelorette party post please!