Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More MUFE Product Reviews!

Hey sorry for the absence been super busy w/ weddings, proms and other jobs...which is always good! Hopefully, some of the beautiful brides I worked w/ will send me some pictures from their special day and I'll be able to share them w/ you. Plus I have a couple of editorials coming out this week...FINALLY so there will be lots of updating with them :)

Anyway, back to my review. This is a product I've actually had in my kit for awhile but I've found that I've been using it a lot lately (ppl getting a bit too much sun perhaps ;) ) so I thought I'd talk about it.

I always prime the skin before I put down my foundation...unless of course I'm using Face Atelier which is a silicone based foundation and therefore has a built in primer. When I was in school I was taught it's like painting a wall - you always prime it first. For those that don't know primers are a great way to create a smoother surface for the makeup to lay on. It helps create a barrier between your skin and the foundation and it can help prevent your foundation from migrating into those pesky fine lines. It also helps blur any skin imperfections and helps your foundation last longer which is always a good thing for weddings...and esp. in the heat we've been experiencing lately.

Primers like the Make Up For Ever HD Primers can also be great for adjusting and minimizing certain discolorations in the skin. A common discoloration problem is redness in the skin whether it be from rosacea, acne or a sun burn. The green MUFE primer is great for reducing these issues before you even get to the concealer and foundation step. Now I'm not saying this primer is a miracle worker and it will take out all the red from the skin but it will reduce the problem and it can be a great product for someone who doesn't actually like to wear makeup but wants something that's going to finish the skin w/out the use of foundations...even guys could use it...and a lot of guys do tend to suffer from excess redness in the face... of course sometimes that has to do w/ a little too much drinking and not skin discoloration lol!

So recently I've had a lot of clients w/ all sorts of skin concerns (I guess this is what happens when you work w/ "real" ppl and not models all the time lol) - a mother of the bride w/ rosacea, a bridesmaid w/ acne, a girl going to her prom that got burnt in the tanning bed the day before (NEVER tan the day before a big event...even when you have a miracle worker makeup artist coming to your house lol!). Anyway, what they all have in common is that I used the Green MUFE HD Primer on them to start...and they all looked fabulous when I was done w/ them ;)


Hélène said...

It's true, I love this primer
Little confession here : I love to see the ladies panic a little bit when I approach with the green tube hahahah

Then I explain to them what it is for, and that no, they wont be green looking ;)

Colleen said...

I love the blog! I have been following for a while but I just started my own beauty and fashion blog! I would love for you to follow!

Thank you so much!