Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quill & Quire Magazine - Alison Pick

So I got myself another cover...and I wasn't even trying or even knew I was getting hired to do a cover until I arrived on set that day lol!  About a mth and a half ago a woman named Alison Pick contacted me about doing her hair and makeup for a photoshoot.  She's a Canadian author w/ a book coming out this Saturday - "Far To Go".  I thought the shoot and pics very just for publicity purposes for her new book.   I told her my rates and she hired me so I was happy enough. 

When I arrived at the photographer's house that day for the shoot I found out I was actually doing her makeup for the cover of Quill & Quire magazine...which is actually kind of exciting b/c it seems like I almost NEVER get paid for actual magazine work...even if it isn't fashion lol. 

What's sad is that the author herself had to find, contact and pay for a makeup artist if she wanted one for the shoot...the magazine didn't supply or even suggest one at all :(

Alison was really nice and a pleasure to work w/.  I reallly love the pic inside the magazine by her piano (we also went to her house to shoot a few pics).  Her book actually sounds really interesting and although I'm not totally up to date on the Canadian literary scene it must be somewhat anticipated if she's getting the cover of a magazine that advertises and reviews Canadian literature.  If you're interested here a little blurb about the book that I took from her website ;):

Alison Pick’s newest book, Far To Go, launches on September 4, 2010. Far to Go tells the story of an affluent Czech Jewish family at the onset of the Second World War. The lives of Pavel and Anneliese Bauer are observed through the adoring but misguided eyes of their son’s governess, Marta. A second, unnamed voice addresses the reader from the present. Part mystery, part love story, Far to Go asks question about the legacy of secrecy and answers them with incredible heart. It is a beautifully written book that appeals not only to the history buff but to anyone who has loved deeply and lost.

Here's the cover of the magazine...sorry it's not better quality but I couldn't save it from the website properly.

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