Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guess What Time Of Year It Is - IN BEAUTY MAGAZINE TIME :)

Hope you all had a lovely holiday season whatever it is you celebrate or don't celebrate this time of year.  I just got back from my annual trek down to Windsor, ON for a little Christmas Family Time, which is always small doses lol. 

Didn't really get that many beauty products to tell you about...oh wait that's a lie.  I got a Nulawaver and a Caruso Ion Steam Roller Set...kind of forgot about them b/c they were gifts but I actually ordered them myself b/c well it's just easier that way sometimes lol.  I'll be doing reviews on each of the products after I use them a couple of more times :)

Anyway, it's also that special time of year where my FAVOURITE magazine comes out - IN BEAUTY Magazine.  It's always like a little mystery when I'm going to stumble upon the little treasure or get an email updating me about it's arrival.  I know it comes out twice a yr and usually in Dec. and June but I'm never quite sure of it's exact arrival.  If you haven't read my previous posts about this b/c it seriously is the best magazine for Hair & Makeup trends out there!

The Toronto distributor Frank (who I have mentioned before) was actually nice enough to send me an email updating me on the fact that it was coming to stores but it actually arrived about a wk after he told me.  Which meant for a solid wk I was walking into my local International Presse starting at their wall and walking out.  Finally, on Dec 24th I got a call from the store notifying me of the magazines arrival...which was kind of weird b/c I must have told them a long time ago to call me whenever the magazine came in b/c I haven't given them my number recently lol.  I told them I'd be back on the 28th and made them promise to save me a copy.  Upon my arrival back into Toronto one of my first stops after dropping off my luggage was to go get my second stop was to the gym but that's a whole other story lol. 

So I now have in my possession my FAVOURITE magazine EVER for Makeup & Hair inspirations!  I'm sure I will spend countless hours staring at the pictures and fantasizing about all the shoots there is NEVER enough time to complete...but hopefully a few will happen. 

If you're in Toronto apparently it's also available at Complections Makeup School in their store so that's a good place to check out if you too are obsessed w/ the magazine like me and can't wait to get your hands on a copy!

So hope you're all having a lovely holiday season and an even better New Year!  I'll make sure to post all my New Years Resolutions in the next couple of days...I have to admit they are somewhat similar to last year but you know what after looking over last years I did a pretty good job of accomplishing them!

Btw here is the cover if you want to know what you're looking for!


Vicki Millar Makeup Artist said...

I HAVE to get this magazine! Thanks for posting this. Hope your Christmas was great. :)

Denise said...

Oh, I'll have to check my favorite magazine store in Vancouver when I drive my daughter home after New Years. Hope they still have some!