Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Woohoo Sponsorship!

So my blog has been contacted by some really cool skin care and cosmetic websites for sponsorship and I'm totally excited about this...and you should be too!  Why you ask?

Well soon I'm going to have my first Giveaway Contest...yeah how exciting is that!  Plus, I get to try out and review new products so you'll get some awesome info on products. 

Hopefully, this will lead to MORE websites wanting to sponsor me and MORE giveaways and FREE stuff and therefore MORE READERS AND FOLLOWERS :)

So before my first giveaway I'm allowed to pick 1 product from the following brands to review:

Vincent Longo
Too Faced

Any suggestions on the product you want me to review or a product you think is a MUST HAVE from those brands?


Reveriepapillon (Skyla Arts) said...

Too faced Shadow Insurance~ must have in my kit~

Sia said...

I'm very happy for you and I look forward to the give away. Thanks for sharing, love Sia x

DeAnna said...

DuWop - not heard of them and would like to know more of the brand. and congrats on the sponsorship - very exciting!!

DJ_CagedBird said...

Vincent Longo. I've been incredibly interested in their foundations and primer for a long time...

I'm also interested in DuWop as well.

I think getting sponsorship is a great achievement! Keep up the good work!

Victoria Steele Make-up Artist said...

FANTASTIC!!! I cant wait for your reviews and giveaways :)