Saturday, April 23, 2011

Laughing Through the Rain - Vanessa & Matt's Wedding

So last Sat. I got to assist a really nice makeup artist - Victoria Fedosoff on a wedding out in Brampton for a couple named Vanessa & Matt.  Victoria was in a jam b/c her hairstylist flaked w/ less than a wk before the wedding...seriously ppl this is a paid job NO EXCUSE!  Anyway, that person's LOSS is my GAIN $$$ :)  Funny thing is I had never worked or even met Victoria before last wk but we're both Libras and our birthdays are practically the same (1 day apart) so it was like we had been working together for years!  We had talked through Facebook and Toronto is a small industry so we both knew of each other and each other's work and had planned to meet for a coffee and now I'm glad we got a chance to meet!

Thank God this group of girls including the bride was so light hearted and fun b/c the weather was NOT good and it seriously would of had a lot of brides in tears!  Not Vanessa, she was just like pass me the champagne and let's have some fun...I mean really what can you do it's April in Canada there is a chance for some nasty weather lol!

So I was basically in charge of doing 4 bridesmaids & 2 flower girls hair and it turned out great b/c they all wanted my fav type of updos - Modern & Not too perfect/A little messy.  Btw look at me a yr later doing all sorts of hair and rocking it!  I already have two weddings booked this May where I'm just doing Hair and not Makeup!  I've said it before and I'll say it again - LEARN HAIR WELL!  I literally have no weddings booked so far where I'm JUST doing Makeup EVERY wedding is Both Hair & Makeup or Just Hair!!!!

So anyway, despite the awful weather the girls were all having a ball and getting a little tipsy lol during the getting ready process and Vanessa had hired a really great photographer named Aron Goss (Calculated Style) to shoot the fun.  It's really important when you hire a wedding photographer that you like that person and that they mesh well w/ your group and your style.  Just like a makeup artist a photographer might be great but it doesn't mean they are the right fit for YOUR wedding just b/c of personalities and everything.  But Aron was great at getting amazing pictures of this super fun group and he has a blog where he posts photos and this guy is QUICK b/c he ALREADY had some amazing pictures from that day up on his blog!  So make sure to check it out and see some of my Hair handy work ;)  I did all the bridesmaid's hair except the Asian one (I know shocking since it's my specialty ;) ) and the 2 Flower Girl's hair.  You can even see me working in one of the pics...and boy do I look a little rough lol!

Stay tuned Next Wk I'm doing a wedding where the Bride is getting 50's Makeup & Hair and the Mother in Law is doing 20's Makeup...should be interesting to say the least...I'll make sure to take pics!

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Aron said...

You were amazing that day. Cool under pressure and your work and experience was obvious. Wonderful to meet you and thanks for sharing the link.

Hope to work with you again soon.