Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wholesale Lashes & ES Lash Review

The WONDERFUL ppl at kkcenterhk.com sent me some ES Eyelashes to review WAY too long ago and I apologize for not reviewing them earlier...totally my bad on this one!

KKCenterHk is an amazing place to get wholesale lashes.  Seriously, this place has an insane selection of pretty much any style lash you can think of at prices that WILL NOT break the bank (if you need handmade feather lashes - they have them for $2.50/pair...not $10 or $20 - $2.50!). 

Whether you're a makeup artist who needs a constant supply of lashes for your clients (I know I go through a TON during wedding season) or just a girl that LOVES to play around w/ and wear false lashes I totally recommend checking out their site b/c they have great brands like Ardell, ES, Jealousness, Red Cherry and a whole bunch of brands I didn't even know existed!  Plus some brands like ES sell value packs w/ up to 10 pairs of lashes in each pack (ES sells some 10 pair packs for UNDER $5!!). 

Okay now on to the ES lash review. 

From what I can tell from the website and the pricing they kind of break into two categories.  There is the more synthetic cheaper styles that run just under $5 for 10 pairs and then there's the more premium handmade styles that run just under $11 for 10 pairs - Both AMAZING deals depending on what you need the lashes for.  W/ both styles the bands are really thin and plyable making them very easy to blend into the natural lashes.  Some styles like A52 even have an invisible band which is always great. 

For my bridal clients I would definitely "splurge" (can't really call it splurging w/ prices like that lol) and go for the premium handmade styles b/c the fibers are more natural, soft and fluttery looking and I like my bridal clients to have a natural look where it brings attention to the eyes but no one is thinking "Woah check out those false lashes!" instead they are thinking "Wow what gorgeous, long, thick eyelashes" b/c they can't tell they are fake.  Some of the styles I really like for Bridal are: A720, A747 and A14 (prob my fav for Bridal as I LOVE the style that starts small on the inner corner and flares out longer at the ends).

The cheaper style is still totally useable btw and depending on what you need the lashes for a great bargain that might be perfect for your needs.  I find them WAY more appropriate for things like Nights on the Town or Fancy Dates when you're getting all glammed up and you're wearing a heavier smokey eye or more liner b/c these styles do tend to be a little more heavy and not for the wallflower.  They are bigger and more dramatic and do make more of an impact but if you put them w/ the right eye makeup totally workable. 

In fact what I found to be a VERY useful tip was I cut the cheaper styles in half and just used them for the outer edges (actually they are pretty big lashes so even by cutting them in half they will most likely cover 3/4 of the lash line).  Now the lashes are a little less dramatic (still very dramatic though) AND you get twice as many b/c you're only using 1 lash for both eyes!  Therefore 10 pairs now equals 20 pairs...at less then $5 and you can totally get more than one use out of them so that's just an INSANE deal right there!  For the Night Out look I like: A26, A52 and A013.

Excuse all the silly club pics and stupid faces I'm just including these pics so that you can see that the "cheaper" style can work great when cut in half and w/ the right makeup. 
Three Different Nights w/ Three Different Makeup Looks!
Sarah's B-Day
 Svetlana's B-Day
 New Years!


BNBMakeupArt said...

Girl Thank you for this post! I was getting tired of the ebay lashes. I use them when I do my posts for my blog and a night out. These lashes are pretty amazing you can see that the bands aren't very thick on the synthetic lashes.

EC said...

Hey, do they have colored lashes for creative shoots? the prices u listed r pretty good. will definitely get them there.