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Bridal Beauty Dos & Don'ts For Your Wedding Day!

I know there's lots of commotion today w/ the Royal Wedding and lots of blogging about this and that and who wore what and all that but I'm not going to talk about that b/c to be honest I'm probably not going to add anything interesting or revolutionary to what's already been written lol. 

I will say Kate looked gorgeous and her dress w/ sophisticated and elegant just like her.  There's been a lot of talk about the fact that she did her own makeup for her wedding day...which normally I wouldn't suggest (and not just b/c I'm a makeup artist ;) ).  I think your wedding day is stressful enough why worry about your makeup and screwing up your eyeliner or trying to put false lashes on while your hand shakes like a wedding day is YOUR one day to be a Princess afterall so why not feel like one and leave it all to a professional.

It should also be noted that Kate had professional makeup lessons before her wedding day (I don't think most brides do this but hey if they want to I DO offer private lessons ;) ).  She did follow one of my cardinal rules for wedding day makeup - Look like your best version of YOURSELF!  She kept her makeup soft and clean and let her natural beauty shine through which is how I personally like to approach wedding makeup in general.

So when I have my Trials w/ my brides after we're done I like to give them some Dos & Don'ts for Pre-Wedding  & Wedding Day Beauty and I thought I'd share some of it w/ you guys here.

DO get your hair trimmed approx. 2 wks before your wedding.  I know lots of brides are trying to grow their hair out but trust me a trim just makes it look healthier when styled and it makes it easier to style on the day of your wedding.  Plus doing it two wks before allows the ends to soften so they don't look so freshly cut on your wedding day.  Also most updos don't actually require for your hair to be SUPER fact after a certain length the hair actually becomes harder to deal w/ or put up b/c there is just so much of it!

DO colour or highlight your approx. 2 wks before your wedding (if you already colour or highlight your hair).  This will allow everything to still look fresh but it won't look like you JUST coloured or highlighted your hair.  Plus if for some reason there is a problem w/ the colour this allows you enough time to fix it.

DON'T do any dramatic hair changes whether it be colour or cut right before your wedding.  1. What if you hate it?!? 2. You don't want everyone to whispering and commenting on the fact that you look like a completely different person.

DO get a facial before your wedding but again DON'T do it right before your wedding in case you have a reaction and break out...again the 2 wk rule works well here.

DO get your eyebrows shaped before your wedding.  A good eyebrow opens up and frames the eye.  But DON'T wait to do it the day of or the day before your wedding in case it causes any redness or irritation. 

DON'T just go to anybody, get a referral just b/c they say they are a professional doesn't mean they are actually good (unfortunately I know this too well from yrs of a "professional" over waxing my brows in highschool...they still don't grow completely in :( )!

DO wear sunblock EVERY DAY (this is no matter what time of year it is ladies not even just before your wedding).  Be esp. careful in the sun leading up to your wedding though b/c tan lines are REALLY hard to cover and no one wants to be burnt or peeling either!

DON'T suddenly decide to take up tanning or visiting tanning beds right before your wedding b/c you want to have some colour even if you do it reg. for some reason right before your wedding will be the ONE time you burn (plus it's just bad for you in general)...DON'T risk the spray tan or self tanners either unless you're well versed in them (no one wants to look like their from Jersey Shore...except maybe the ppl from Jersey Shore ;) )

DON'T try any new and radical face treatments or skin creams right before your wedding.  Who knows what you'll have a reaction w/ all the stress you're under if you're like me you'll be more prone to breakouts!  That means DON'T even think about Lip Injections or Botox for the First time either!

DO drinks lots of water in the wks leading up to your wedding day.  You should try and do this anyway but esp. before your wedding.  It hydrates your skin and helps flush out toxins from your no one wants dry, parched skin on their might be even worse than oily!

DO hire a Professional Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist.  You want to look and feel your best on your wedding day and a good professional will help you look your best and make your wedding day that much more stressfree.  Plus it allows you to just relax w/ your bridesmaids and have a good time.  As well a good Makeup Artist will be well versed in products that are good for photography as well as in person and will last the ENTIRE day!

DON'T leave booking Makeup & Hair to the last minute.  Many in demand artists book up mths in advance and it would be a shame to not get who you wanted b/c you didn't book ahead of time.

DO have a Makeup & Hair Trial before your wedding.  Again it just makes things that much less stressful on your wedding day when you've already worked out w/ the artist(s) exactly what you want.  Also you want to make sure you get along w/ your artist(s) they are going to be w/ you the entire morning before your wedding you don't want to hire someone that really annoys you or just doesn't vibe w/ your personality.

DO your research when hiring a Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist.  DON'T be afraid to do more than one trial w/ more than one artist if you want (and you can afford it).  Yes, I'm confident enough in my skills that I don't mind if a person has trials w/ other artists...hey sometimes they may even like another artist's style better, I don't take it personally I know I'll get booked up that day either way ;)

DON'T be afraid to speak up!  If you don't like something or want something changed w/ your Makeup or Hair say it...a good artist will NOT be offended and they WANT your feedback.  If they do get offended you probably don't want to book them anyway.  I mean in the end it's all about YOU feeling comfortable and beautiful on YOUR wedding day.

DO send your Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist pictures before the trial or take them w/ you to the trial.  I personally LOVE to see pictures and inspiration before I meet the bride b/c everyone has a different interpretation of something - what's dramatic to me might be natural to another person therefore pictures ALWAYS help clarify things.

DON'T make yourself unrecognizable on your wedding day by wearing too much makeup or a style that's totally not you.  I always say that you should look like the BEST version of YOURSELF on your wedding day!  The last thing you want ppl to say is "Oh my God I barely recognize you!".  This is why it's important to be clear w/ your artist about how you want to look on your wedding day.  I always ask my brides how much makeup they normally wear or if they tend to wear a lot of eyeliner, lipstick etc.  If a bride normally wears a lot of black eyeliner I'm probably going to use black eyeliner even if I wouldn't normally just b/c she's going to feel more comfortable that way or if she NEVER wears makeup but wants a smokey eye I'm probably going to do a subdued smokey eye b/c anything more is probably going to overwhelm her.  A lot of brides think they want a makeup look that is more dramatic then they actually do I find.

DO wear some makeup on your wedding day...even if you normally don't.  Also DO strongly suggest this to your bridesmaids and mother as well.  If someone NEVER wears makeup it's even more of a reason to hire a professional b/c they really won't know how to do it on themselves and make it look good or if they don't wear any makeup they will stand out in the pictures in a BAD way b/c they will just look so washed out or underdone next to everyone else.  A GOOD artist will understand and know how to do a makeup look that is soft and natural and won't feel overly heavy on an unwilling particpant.  In fact a large majority of my Bridal Clientele often hire me b/c they say the Brides on my website look so Natural and NOT overdone!

DO keep some lipstick/gloss and powder on hand for touch ups throughout the day.  No one wants a shiny nose or forehead in their pics.  As well always good to  have a couple of extra bobby pins if your hair is pinned up too!  Personally, I give a complete touch up kit to my brides but every artist is different.

DO try and get a good night's sleep before your wedding!  I know it's hard b/c of the excitment and nerves but the last thing you want is to look tired and puffy on your wedding day.  To go along w/ this DON'T drink too much the night before your one wants to risk a hang over...that NEVER looks good!

DO try and relax on your wedding's your one day to feel special and it will be over before you know it.  Things are bound to go wrong on the day but try not to stress too much b/c you're marrying the person that you Love and that's what matters.  Plus frown lines NEVER look good in pictures ;)

So there's some of my Bridal Beauty Tips...hope it helps you out!

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