Saturday, March 17, 2012

Art Direction

Here's my latest editorial for Lilogi for their Avant Garde Week that just wrapped up on Fri.  Interesting theme and definitely worth checking out on the site if you haven't already...some very cool clothes and concepts displayed last week.

My concept for the shoot was sort of a Marie Antoinette/Tim Burton mix.  We agreed to do a sort of white face but I also really wanted to do a big bouffant hairstyle that also involved my mini crimper to give it texture and make it a little more interesting.  We didn't want anything on the hair to be too perfect so I made sure to careful pull pieces out from the bouffant.

Photographer Renee Rodenkirchen
Makeup & Hair Jessica Jean Myers
Model Eugenia (Elmer Olsen)

Here's a couple of Behind the Scenes pics too...I haven't included any of those in awhile ;)

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