Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yep, People Really Do Still Get Married In The Winter!

As I've mentioned before the longer I'm in the Makeup & Hair Bridal business the more I realize there really isn't a "wedding season" anymore.  Yes, it does slow down but even from Jan-Mar I've been steadily booking and working on 2-3 weddings a mth...not bad esp. compared to last year when I didn't start doing ANY weddings until April!

Back in Jan. I actually had a day where I had TWO weddings back to back!  The first wedding was a perfect example of the type of client I frequently seem to attract and love working with!  Anyone who has been keeping up on my bridal business knows I tend to do a lot of "alternative" or "vintage" style weddings and my brides are often not that "fussy".  They tend to be more laid back and casual and don't want anything too dramatic or overdone which I totally love b/c it tends to be my wedding style as well...or at least what I'm getting known for.

Sarah (the bride) was actually a referral from a girl I went to uni w/ Melissa which is totally cool.  I have Melissa on my Facebook and it's always nice when someone that you know refers someone to you b/c they've seen your work and think you're worth referring.

As I mentioned before Sarah was very laid back, casual and not your "typical" bride...well maybe MY typical bride lol...but I'm just lucky I suppose ;)  She wanted a bit of a vintage feel as she didn't have a typical white wedding dress but this gorgeous blue 50's vibe dress...so vibrant and pretty!  She also had an amazing fascinator and shoes!  She wanted her makeup to be fairly clean w/ a slight winged liner and she wanted her hair to be clean and classic w/ a bit of a finger wave in the front and a small bun in the back.

I really have to give a big thanks to Ashley Readings who helped me out on the wedding and to Patti Miller for taking such amazing photos that day!  Here's a couple Patti shared w/ me!

Sarah's MOH...she had the most gorgeous naturally curly hair so of course I was going to work w/ that!  It would be a crime to not leave curls that naturally beautiful IMO!

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