Sunday, March 11, 2012

No Man's Land

So here is my latest Fashion Editorial that has been featured on the homepage of Lilogi all week for their Concrete Jungle theme!  How amazing is the location!!!!  I'm not going to tell you too much about it b/c it's a secret but I will say it was an abandoned greenhouse outside the city and we did have to do a little trespassing to get to the location but there is no denying that it was well worth it!

My Makeup and Hair inspiration for this shoot was sort of a Raw, Animalistic, Tribal Meets High Fashion sort of vibe.  I wanted the Makeup to look a bit messy,raw and undone but still strong and powerful that's why I went for a messy black smokey eye that I actually mostly applied using my fingers and a really bronzed skin and cheek look.  We mixed the lips up between nude and a deep wine.

For the Hair I did an almost sort of dread/matted look and I'm not going to lie I felt sorry for Michel (the model) b/c I can't imagine it was easy to get out of her hair :(  The things we do for fashion...although I do keep doing mean things to the model's hair (dreads, afros...wait for next wk on's big too ;) ).  For the second hair look I stayed right on trend and did a really messy top bun which I thought looked great w/ the deep lip as it really allowed the face and lips to be the main focus!

Alex outdid herself when it came to accessories on this one!  Seriously, pay close attention to some of the rings and necklaces in this shoot - they are crazy!  Can't believe how well this whole shoot came together...really was surreal looking in the location.  Sometimes you just catch yourself and this really my job lol!?!

Photographer Renee Rodenkirchen
Makeup & Hair Jessica Jean Myers
Model Michel (Elmer Olsen)

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Sarah N said...

Wow. Stunning model, amazing setting, beautiful makeup and hair, wonderful photos. Love it!