Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Pics From A Bride - Like X-Mas In July :)

Sorry for the long long break since my last is officially wedding season and that means I'm SO BUSY!!!  Never a bad thing of course...esp. when you're self employed lol.  But I promise to be more diligent this mth and get back on track w/ blogging as I have LOTS of fun and exciting things to share w/ you guys!

Anyway, on to new business.  I thought I would share w/ you some pics I just received from my wonderful bride Tara who I worked w/ back in May.  First off a big thanks to Meghan Hall (Tara's photographer) for taking such beautiful pictures and allowing me to share them w/ you here on this blog and on my website.

I know it sounds silly but getting pics from the bride or looking through the photographer's gallery from the day is seriously like getting a little present...seriously it's like Christmas in July for me.  I never know what to expect and I'm always so excited to see how everything turned out or held up...and I can tell you if I do say so myself I did some good work on this one lol.  I saw the full photographer's gallery of the WHOLE day and the makeup and hair held up through wind, tears, dinner and dancing and still looked great at the end!

Tara has gorgeous dark brown hair and beautiful pale skin...such a a modern snow white (w/ freckles lol).  Overall everything was kept really clean and beautiful in terms of makeup (although I will say the girl likes her eyeliner lol ;) ).  Tara knew she wanted to wear her hair up b/c her and her now husband Jason have this little inside joke about the higher her hair the happier she is (as she usually wears her hair up on most days).  Well I can tell you from the pics she looked freakin' ecstatic the entire day lol!  One of my favourite touches was her hair accessory which was actually a hair comb made from a piece of her mother's wedding can you not love special details like that!

Tara getting into her dress!

The Reveal - So Cute!

Love, Love, Love the Hair Comb Made from Her Mother's Wedding Dress!

I also did Makeup & Hair for her wedding party and they were such a great and easy going group to work w/.  So much fun and it was a really relaxed morning.  A big thanks goes out to my assistant that day Angelina.

Everyone Looks Great!  Love that So Many Brides these days are including Men in their Bridal Parties...I say Why Not!...I did not do his Hair and Makeup ;)

I also have to thank Tara for writing me probably one of the nicest reviews I've read in a long time!  It's always so nice when a bride takes time after the wedding to help out w/ a review b/c it really does help me out as a business owner!

Can't Wait To Put These New Pics Up On My Site!


SatsukiMUA said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Lelala said...

WOW, what wonderful pics, Jessica! WHOOOO! Very beautiful, incredible, top dressed :o)
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