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I haven't done a Giveaway in a REALLY long time so I think it's about time I do a new one!  I've been sent some AMAZING Health & Wellness Sea Buckthorn Products from the VERY nice people at Seabuck Wonders and they've been generous enough to give me some to giveaway to my wonderful and faithful readers here!

I know a lot of you are now going "What the Hell is Sea Buckthorn and why is it good for me?" I'm going to tell you lol.  Sea Buckthorn Berries are one of the newest "super fruits" to catch the attention of Dr. Oz.  He has even coined it "The New Miracle Berry".  Apparently it doesn't taste so great to eat but it's the oil that has all the beneficial properties in it.

Here's a little background info on Sea Buckthorns:

The seabuckthorns (Hippophae L.) are deciduous shrubs in the genusHippophae, family Elaeagnaceae. It is also referred to as "sea buckthorn", seabuckthorn, sandthorn, seaberry, "sacred fruit", or " liquid gold" when referring to its oil and juice).

It is by far the most widespread of the species in the genus, with a range extending from the Atlantic coasts of Europe right across to northwestern China. The English name of seabuckthorn may have to do with the fact that in Western Europe, it is largely confined to sea coasts where salt spray off the sea prevents other larger plants from out-competing it, but in central Asia it is more widespread in dry semi-desert sites where other plants cannot survive the dry conditions. In central Europe and Asia it also occurs as a subalpine shrub above tree line mountains, and other sunny areas such as river banks. They are tolerant of salt in the air and soil, but demand full sunlight for good growth and do not tolerate shady conditions near larger trees. They typically occur in dry, sandy areas and can thrive in such hard oil as arsenic sands where few other plants can even survive.

More than 90 percent or about 1.5 million hectares of the world's sea buckthorn wild forest or plantations can be found in Tibet, China where the plant is utilized for soil and water conservation purposes, including prevention of oil erosion, sand drift and holding of precious water.

While you read about the wonderfully wide variety of health nutrients it provides to humans, please be aware that it also has a strong ability of fixing nitrogen by its roots, for use of other inhabitants of Mother earth.

What is the difference between sea buckthorn berry oil and the sea buckthorn seed oil?
As research on seabuckthorn intensifies, more and more nutrients and health factors will be found. So far more that 200 of them have been identified and the composition ratio is very similar to our human body with near 1:1 ratio between Omega 3 and Omega 6. It is also reported that seabuckthorn contains all known vitamins beside fatty acids, carotenoids, phospholipids, minerals, both micro and macro. These are distributed in its seed, fruits, leaves and flowers in different proportions and quantity.
Here is a summary comparison of the average ingredients between fruit oil and seed oil:
Percentage by weight
Vitamin ESeed Oil298-373 iu/100gAntioxidant, etc
Berry Oil234-313 iu/100g
Vitamin ASeed Oil2755-4400 iu/100gVision, etc
Berry Oil2755-5511 iu/100g
Vitamin DSeed Oil2mg/100gFor calcium and phosphor absorption and storage, etc
Berry Oil
Vitamins KSeed Oil150mg/100gAnti-bleeding
Berry Oil
PhospolipidSeed Oil0.5%Maintaining metabolism
Berry Oil
CarotenoidSeed Oil40-55mg/100gDelay the aging process
Berry Oil155-244mg/100g
Β-sitosterol-β-D-glucosidesSeed Oil31mg/100gPeptic and duotenal ulcer, etc.
Berry Oil
Palmitic AcidSeed Oil10%Important fatty acid in both human & animals
Berry Oil25-30%
Palmitoleic Acid (Omega 7)Seed OilImportant ingredient for healthy skin and cell membrane
Berry Oil30-35%
Stearic AcidSeed Oil1%Important fatty acid in both human & animals
Berry Oil
Oleic Acid (Omega 9)Seed Oil20-25%Unsaturated fatty acid important for both humans & animals
Berry Oil25-30%
Linoleic Acid (Omega 6)Seed Oil29-38%Polyunsaturated fatty acid essential for both humans and animals,
Berry Oil5-6%
Linolenic Acid (Omega 3)Seed Oil25-30%Polyunsaturated fatty acid important but often lacking in both humans and animals
Berry Oil2.8-4%

The great thing about this Giveaway is you get to try both the Berry and the Seed you get ALL the Benefits of this Amazing Product!

Here's a little more interesting info for all the new Sea Buckthorn Berry Fans out there.. Sea Buckthorn Berries contain 6 times more Vitamin A than carrots, 10 times more Vitamin C than oranges, 6 times more B-Carotene than pumpkins, 5 times more SOD than ginseng and the highest concentration of Vitamin E among fruits!

Here's a little Background on Seabuck Wonders...the compnay behind these great supplements!

They are the ONLY Full Line of products made from USDA certified organic sea buckthorn berries.  They have been specializing in the super fruit for over 16 years!  They  have the highest quality and most potent sea buckthorn on the market containing at least 30-35% Omega-7 content.  The products are 100% pure, all natural Himalayan sea buckthorn fillers or powders like some other companies out there.  They are certified Kosher as well.

Another cool thing about the product is that you can take it internally or externally for great health, wellness and skin benefits!  Mix the oil into your fav lotions or creams or take the capsules!  Just an FYI though be careful if you're using the Berry Oil externally b/c of the high levels of carotenoids it will temporarily tint the skin orange - usually lasting 10-30 goes away or you can wash it off so you might want to use it at night.  The Seed Oil is lighter in colour and usually doesn't tint the skin but does lack the high Omega-7 found in the berry.

So here's EXACTLY what you'll get in the GIVEAWAY:

1 Full Size Bottle of Sea Buckthorn Oil Blend Omega-7 Complete
1 Full Size Bottle of Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil Capsules & 1 Full Size Bottle of Seed Oil Drops
1 Full Size Bottle of Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil Drops

Contest is Open Until Next Fri Aug 4/12! Open to USA & Canadian Residents!

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