Friday, August 24, 2012

LaVaque Thumb Palette

A couple of weeks ago I emailed the nice people at LaVaque to inquire about their affiliate program and I happened to mention that I was really interested in their thumb palette.  Well being the very nice people they are they sent me one for free :)...along w/ a great set of tweezers w/ a LIFE TIME Guarantee and a spatula (can never have too many of those lol)!

I've been using the thumb palette consistently on jobs the last week or so and I'm really liking it.  I actually wear it on my finger but whatever you get the idea...basically it's just a mini palette on a ring base.  It's been especially great for those lipstick/lip gloss touch ups at the end of wedding appts...much better (and neater) than using the back of my (sanitized) hand which is what I would frequently do at weddings.

What I find I really love it for though is my cream eyeliner!  It dries quickly so it's great to put a little on this thumb palette and do the eyes w/out having to turn back to my palette on table.  I can hold the eye or lift the eyebrow w/ the hand that has the palette on it and then line w/ the other hand...whenever I need a little more product it's right there on my finger to grab - genius!

Plus I have to say it's a real conversation piece w/ clients...lots of ppl comment on my palette in general...the usual stuff "Oh it's like an artist's palette..Oh that makes sense, you're like an artist mixing things there"...stuff like that.  But w/ this thumb palette they are like "What is that?"

Definitely worth checking out if you're like me and a frequent back of the hand makeup user!

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