Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Work on Style Me Pretty Canada

Today I had the pleasure of seeing some of my wedding work up on Style Me Pretty Canada which was VERY exciting to say the least!  For those that don't know Style Me Pretty Canada is a VERY popular blog showcasing beautiful and unique weddings all across Canada.  It's a great place for brides (or girls that dream about being brides ;) ) to get ideas about weddings and learn about vendors.

The wedding that was featured was one that I did back in late June for a beautiful bride named Emily.  Oddly, enough I had two weddings that weekend one on the Fri. and one on the Sat. and they were both named Emily lol!  This was the second of the two.  Originally, I was just suppose to do Makeup for the wedding but after wowing her w/ my makeup skills ;) she ended up calling me back a mth or so later and asked if I could also do a Hair trial for her as well...and of course I wowed her again ;) lol!

I loved Emily's wedding style.  It was simple and understated but still really thoughtful and unique.  She had a theme of swiss dots that carried out through the dress into the decor.  I also loved the makeup look that she went for b/c it was actually a bit bold!  We kept it fairly clean on the eyes w/ just the slightest wing on the black liner but it was the lips and cheeks that really shined through!  Finally a bride not afraid of a little colour!!!  Sometimes I feel like it's pulling teeth to make brides understand the importance of blush and how it just brightens up the face and looks great in many ppl are scared of blush these days!  Plus we went for a bright pink lip which normally is a bit risque but when you also factor in the fact that Emily is a red head it was a bold statement lip indeed!  And she pulled it off fabulously!  The prize secret of the look though had to have been the Yaby brow powder I used on her brows.  Emily actually has NO I'm not joking fact the skin area around the brows is quite red.  I used the Yaby brow powder for red heads and it was a PERFECT match!  So good in fact that Emily insisted she needed one personally...which I happily supplied her with .  We all know I have a thing about brows so if I can help someone get some good brows I'm all for it ;)

For her hair we did a really gorgeous and intricate curled updo that rested low centre in the back of her head.  I think overall I did a pretty good job of making it look like she had a lot of hair b/c I'm going to be perfectly honest...not the easiest hair to create volume or texture in lol!

The photographer for the wedding was Jovan Matic which you may remember I mentioned on here not too long ago for another wedding.  When I found out Jovan was shooting the wedding I knew the pics were going to be amazing.  He is quickly becoming one of my fav wedding photographers in the city.  Seriously, some of the pics I've gotten from him on the two weddings we've worked on together have literally been some of my favourites so far!

So w/out further adieu here's the link to the Style Me Pretty Canada well I've attached some of my personal favs for the day ;)  Check out the blog post and go through the gallery...the pics I've included on here are obviously more Hair & Makeup related but there are so many nice detail shots in the gallery shots on Style Me Pretty!

Special thanks goes out to Candace French-Goodman who helped me out tremendously w/ the styling of the bridesmaid's hair!

Now that's the face of a Happy Bride!...and a serious Makeup Artist (as usual lol)

Beautiful Bridesmaids...Natural but Still Defined!

I loved Emily's Mom...seriously I don't think there has EVER been a Mom so excited about False Eyelashes lol!

So Many Beautiful Beauty Shots!  Btw how good is that brow powder match!!!

You can see the Updo in this one nicely!

Happy Couple - Emily & Michael

Nice Shot of the Back of the Updo

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Eimear OReilly said...

sounds amazing,lovely post! i was looking up blogs in canada as i'm moving there soon. so many talented people over there!if you get a sec, i have a new post up, would love to now what you think of it!