Monday, August 13, 2012

NOVUS - Video Editorial

A few mths ago I had the pleasure of working w/ the VERY talented people over at Light & Hevvy on a new fashion video titled NOVUS.  This video was designed as a sort of creative celebration and reveal of the new studio space they moved into in Liberty Village and to establish them as an up and coming Creative Firm in Toronto.  Really great space btw ;)

I'm not going to lie...this was a hard shoot for me!  Well at least the first day.  I actually walked into the shoot not really knowing AT ALL what they wanted me to do...which I'm not going to lie is NOT something I like when it comes to creatives...I like to be prepared and I like to have what I need to have on hand and of course play a bit once I'm there...but I do like to know SOME details beforehand.  The makeup was exactly my sort of thing though...very striking, simple and graphic w/ a really cool eyeliner style. The problem...the first day was the "White" look and I didn't have a liquid or cream white liner w/ me (b/c I didn't know what i was going to do.  First I tried using my Face Atelier setting gel w/ a white eyeshadow but I just couldn't get the opaqueness the look required.  I then tried setting it further w/ more white eyeshadow but that just made everything crumple and fall off :(  Finally I settled on using the white cream from the MUFE Flash Palette mixed a setting liquid..still even w/ that I had to do the eyes probably 3 times completely from scratch and there were touch ups pretty much after almost every take.  So to say the day was a bit stressful for  me is an understatement...mostly just b/c I felt like I wasn't doing a good job as an MUA b/c the makeup just wasn't lasting the way I had hoped :(

The second day was better...we did still have to do the "White" look again but only for a couple of hours and then it was onto the "Black" look which was a walk in the park b/c I just had to replicate the white eyeliner design in black which was so easy and not smudgy b/c I had my MUFE Aqua Black which STICKS...not touch ups necessary there!

I can't wait to see the still from photographer Zach Hertzman (who was also the one that suggested me for the project) b/c I know they are going to be sick!

So even though there was a lot of self-imposed stress on my part I have to say the video looks Freakin' Amazing!  I'm so happy to have been apart of it b/c it's like a little work of art!...and the White eye makeup actually looks awesome so I'm glad I was a very diligent little MUA w/ touch ups and re-doing the makeup b/c it was worth it in the end (there are some EXTREME close ups of the eyes)!

Without further adieu here's the video - ENJOY!

Director / Editor: Steven Meyers
Assistant Director / Producer: Carina Mak
Director of Photography: Adam Syrnyk
First Assistant Camera / Producer: Lance Ludwig
Grip: Lulu Wei
Still Photographer: Zach Hertzman
Stylist: Monika Tatalovic
Hair & Make-up: Jessica Jean Myers
Model: Madison Dobson / SPOT6

Beta Frontiers - Hondo (Lee Paradise of Ph├Ędre remix)
Courtesy of Daps Records - / /

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