Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just Makeup - Wedding Edition

I've talked a lot in the past about the importance of learning Hair for my Bridal business.  In all honesty I literally wouldn't have a bridal business if I didn't do hair or at least have ppl on my team that do hair.  I'm also expanding my wedding business this year and that means adding more ppl to my team of artists.  It's actually been very interesting interviewing and meeting other artists out there.  I was actually surprised how many of them didn't do hair, or were surprised when I even asked about hair.  Truth is almost everyone will get their hair done for a wedding...not everyone will get their makeup done.  Do I agree w/ this idea, of course not but it's the reality of the business in Toronto and if you want to be successful (like I personally do) you learn this quick, face your fears and learn how to do hair!

Of course there is the odd wedding where I have the pleasure of just doing the makeup!  It's always nice and sort of a treat to just be able to focus on one thing for the entire wedding.  Sometimes this happens b/c it's a big wedding and therefore I've hired another artist to just do hair while I just do makeup or once in awhile I literally get hired for a Makeup Only job!

So I thought I'd share a couple of my Makeup Only weddings w/ you guys.

The first one was a wonderful, sweet and beautiful bride Melissa.  Melissa lives out West and booked her wedding well in advance. I first did her trial during the Xmas holiday of 2011.  She had a large wedding - 7 ppl Hair & Makeup so I thought it would just make it easier if I hired my trusted friend and artist Ashley Readings to do ALL the hair and then I could stick to doing ALL the makeup!  Makes both of our lives easy and a little more stress free when you can just concentrate on one thing all morning and really get in a groove.

The trial went fabulously and Melissa was such a sweetheart (I think she said she was more nervous about the Makeup & Hair then anything else lol).  We agreed I'd make her extensions b/c the girl wanted BIG hair...on the wedding day she kept saying BIGGER, BIGGER lol in reference to the volume!  I did a really soft pink, brown w/ a touch of gold/bronze smokey eye and a natural lip.  Just before the wedding I actually met up w/ Melissa to drop of the extensions and I barely recognized her, literally!  I know a lot of brides say they are going to lose weight but Melissa actually did it..she was beautiful at the trial but HOLY SHIT did she look good at that wedding!  Man that girl worked hard!

And she must have about the sweetest then fiance now husband EVER!  Her engagement story had both Ashley and I "Ahhing" and on the wedding day the gifts and card her fiance wrote literally almost had me in tears...and I don't usually cry at stuff like that!  Such a sweet girl definitely deserves a guy like that!

Both Melissa's hair and makeup looked gorgeous when Ashley and I were finished!  I saw pictures at the ceremony and she still looked gorgeous (which was a relief b/c it was literally one of the hottest days that Summer)!

Photos Courtesy of Maverick Photography

So Pretty!
 Got my usual "Game Face" on ;)

 Mother & Sister
What a cute couple!
 Ashley did such a beautiful job w/ the hair that day!

Another wedding I worked on in the beg. of Nov. where I did only makeup was for a bride named Stephanie.  Stephanie wanted a clean beauty look w/ a little extra "oomph".  The look we agreed on was so pretty I actually referenced her trial pictures to a lot of other brides to see if it was similar to what they had in mind.  What was great about this wedding was I actually got to airbrush ALL the girls!  Sometimes I get to do airbrush on the bride but I never have a wedding where ALL the girls get airbrush...and the photo I got really showcases how great they look!  This was also a group that wasn't afraid of makeup!  It was so refreshing to have a bunch of girls that wanted a bit of glamour and even still in the pic I think they look really beautiful and natural...but don't be fooled ladies - these girls were wearing some makeup - trust me!  See the camera really does eat up the makeup...that's why it's always a battle w/ my brides to let me put more makeup on them...not w/ this group though they were all for it!

Also, I didn't know their hair person that day but he was AMAZING!  Seriously, sometimes I've worked weddings where I've done just the makeup or just the hair and I've looked over and though oh those poor girls.  But that definitely wasn't the case w/ this artist...he had serious talent!

Man this group of girls looked good next to one'd swear they were all sisters w/ their beautiful blonde hair.  They just went so well as a group!  Esp. b/c they were all okay w/ a little more makeup, no one looked more "overdone" then the next one.