Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Model Bride

 I know I keep showing you guys pics of my brides from last year but I'm sorry I just can't help it!  When I get the pics I get so excited b/c they all look so beautiful that I have to share it w/ you!  I just got my latest bunch of pics from a bride I worked w/ last Nov. - Meaghan...and I'm SO GLAD I got these b/c as soon as I met Meaghan at the trial I was thinking "Oh my God she's gorgeous...I hope she send me pics after her wedding!"...then I think I asked "Were you a model?"...she's 5'11 and totally model worthy...and I'm in the biz so I know a model type when I see one.  FYI she never did actually model but was scouted (of course!)

Meaghan was having a rather small affair wedding.  Married at City Hall followed by a dinner at Luma (I believe) but like many of my brides that are having small weddings she still wanted to look her best and feel special on her wedding day.  She planned the whole thing in 4 wks and it's amazing what some ppl can pull together in such a short amount of time...her dress, which was from J. Crew was perfect for the affair - simple and understated but still very elegant and it fit beautifully...this is actually the second time this past year I've  had a bride get her dress at J. Crew and both times I've been really impressed!  She also had a vintage fur stole to help complete the look which is really a nice touch for those Winter brides.

For her makeup Meaghan wanted a very clean look - very light on the eyes but still a false lash, a nice flush to the cheeks and a nice raspberry stain to the lips.  I styled her hair in a very romantic, tousled and curled updo that was perfect for a chilly and windy Nov. afternoon.

All the photography is courtesy of Chris Bodnar who I think did a fabulous job capturing the romance and love between this couple!

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