Monday, December 2, 2013

Cetaphil DERMACONTROL System Review

A few wks back I was sent some products from the Cetaphil DERMACONTROL line.  As someone who naturally has oily and acne prone skin this line seems like the perfect fit for my skin!

I've actually been a Cetaphil user off and on for many years.  I first got introduced to the brand through a dermatologist when I was in high school and suffering from severe acne.  The line has remained a popular staple for a lot of dermatologists, makeup artists and just regular people b/c it's non irritating, fragrance free and great for those w/ super sensitive it's super affordable and readily available at most drug stores!

So I received the 2 part DERMACONTROL system - Cleanser & Moisturizer

Cetaphil DERMACONTROL Oil Control Foam Wash 

  • Zinc complex absorbs excess oil while providing a soothing, hydrating cleanse
  • Non-drying, soap-free foam wash
  • Reduces shine and oiliness
Overall it's a good cleanser - it does what it says which is always a good thing.  Does a good job at taking off makeup, although I would still follow up w/ an alcohol-free toner after cleansing to really clean the skin.  I like the foam washes b/c they really seem to last a long time and I tend to waste less.  One or two pumps is all you need to wash your face.  It doesn't irritate or sting the skin and I didn't feel it dried out my skin at all or made it feel tight and stiff like some cleansers which strip the skin too much.  

  • The 3-in-1 formulation: hydrates, protects and controls shine
  • Ceramide infused formulation replenishes the skin's moisture barrier
  • Oleosome technology achieves SPF 30 with fewer sunscreen agents, minimizing irritation potential
  • Lightweight, oil-free, soft matte finish
Again another solid product.  I'm always happy w/ my moisturizer includes SPF b/c it's just one less product I have to add to my skin and it's important to remember to wear SPF all year round...even in the dreary Winter months!  I only use oil free moisturizers and again this moisturizer is very gentle and non-irritating.  It left my skin feeling moisturized but not greasy or oily and it absorbed well into the skin.

So overall these are two solid cleanse and moisturizing options esp. for those w/ sensitive and oily/acne-prone skin and they are very affordable.  

The only thing I will remind people is that these do not have any medicated ingredients to help control or fix any acne issues.  I wouldn't say my skin is any "better" or less acne prone b/c I'm using them but I will say it didn't make my skin worse or irritated in any way.  If you have acne you will still need to speak to a dermatologist for the best course of action for your skin or try various over the counter creams or gels.  

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