Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Private Makeup Lessons - Great Holiday Gift, Great Personal Investment!

In the last year I've seen a surge in the amount of Private Makeup Lessons I give to women.  I think in part this has to do w/ the fact that I advertise the service on my Wedding Site but also b/c a lot of women are coming to realize that they know very little about makeup and in fact many are even scared of it but they do realize its importance in society...esp. in the professional sector.

The mere idea of hiring someone to teach you makeup seems like a fairly modern and new concept to a lot of people out there.  It's actually funny b/c so many women initially have trouble grasping the concept of investing in someone to teach them how to apply makeup b/c it is "just makeup" after all but then if you were to ask them many of these same women would express how "scared" they are of makeup and doing it "wrong".  I mean I remember when I was a teen I don't remember any sort of thing like this being available (and there def. wasn't YouTube around back then w/ tutorials and advice).  Plus, I find with many women makeup tips and skills are initially learned through the mothers and if the mother never wore makeup then it's more likely that these women never really started wearing or experimenting w/ makeup themselves.

So as the holidays are fast approaching it got me thinking about what a unique and thoughtful gift it might be to invest in a Private Makeup Lesson for your wife, sister, daughter, girlfriend, mother etc...basically any woman in your life lol!  I can almost guarantee no one else would be getting that person the same thing plus it really shows a lot of thought and people love when they get gifts that are "outside the box" and experiential gifts!  Plus how cool would it be for a lot of women to have a professional makeup artist come to their house and personally teach them "tricks and secrets" of the pros!

There are SO MANY women out there that LOVE makeup but are just too scared to try it themselves...or they have drawers and drawers of makeup that's going to waste b/c they don't know what to do w/ it.  With a private lesson a woman would learn what works exactly for her and how to apply makeup specifically for her features and face.  Plus she'd learn what specific products or brushes she should be investing in which for a lot of women would actually save money as they wouldn't be buying tons of makeup that either didn't work for them or they didn't know what to do with.

It's also a great idea for young girls that are newly getting into makeup.  I know we've all seen those young girls that are ruining their beautiful young faces w/ too thin brows and too much eyeliner.  Why not have someone teach them the basics and good techniques from the start so they don't have to look back on their teens years 10 years from now and think "What was I thinking?" lol!

Also, for any women out their reading this and thinking they might want a lesson...go for it!  Give a gift to yourself sometime!  I'm all about giving gifts for myself lol...especially when I was a single lady (b/c let's be real no one else was doing it)!  I often talk to my clients about this being an investment into one's self.  I honestly believe knowing how to apply a basic day look style of makeup is the equivalent of a man knowing how to tie a tie.  It's a life skill that every woman should learn that will help them in almost all professional settings.  Now I'm not saying all women need to wear tons of makeup all the time.  I'm just saying knowing and understanding the basics and how to pump those "basics" up for a night look are great skills to have and they come in handy in a lot of personal and professional settings.

I'd actually say I get booked most for lessons by women that realize they need to start looking more professional and pulled together for their career and workplace.  Often it's young women just entering the workforce that need to appear mature and polished or even women that are heading back into the workforce after taking some time off for their children.  Whatever the case may be a lot of women are seeing the importance makeup plays in presenting a polished and professional person.

So for anyone looking for a last minute gift idea that is guaranteed to be unique and memorable I'd definitely say a private makeup lesson could be a great idea or suggestion!

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