Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vintage Bridal - A Timeless Look

I've been doing weddings for a few years now and trends and styles tend to go in and out but one style that never seems to wane is the "Vintage Look"....usually this look is referring to makeup and hair styles of the 50s/60s...sometimes 20s fingerwaves are also a popular request.  Women like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot etc are often referenced.  Current Hollywood trends also often play a big part in the popularity of this look. If a lot of actresses are sporting "vintage" inspired makeup or hair and the award shows or a big Hollywood movie is highlighting a time period (Great Gatsby I'm looking at you) can then have a big impact on the following wedding season.

I think a lot of this has to do w/ it being sort of a "timeless look"...even though of course it is of a different time.  Brides that usually request this look tend to want either a bolder lip in pink or red or possibly a winged liner.  Some want big bouffant hairdos, classic beehives or as mentioned above fingerwaves.  What's important to remember when doing this sort of look for brides is to be "inspired" by the period and to not do a total recreation of the era as that's when things can start to look a bit dated or cartoonish (1920s I'm looking at you ;) ).

This past year I had a few brides that were inspired by vintage trends and I thought I'd share a couple of them w/ you b/c they are all different but you can still see the sort of vintage vibe in all of them!

Photos courtesy of Ryan @ Luminous Studios
Michelle's tea length dress and fascinator immediately call out for a vintage inspired look...I love fascinators!  We decided on an elegant Audrey beehive for the day.  Michelle's natural hair is a bit on the shorter/finer side of things so I really think this was a great look to make her hair look bigger!  Kept the eyes soft and played up the lips w/ a pretty pink!

I actually had the pleasure of working w/ Jennifer earlier in the year on her best friend's wedding so it was such a pleasure to work w/ her again!  Jennifer LOVES the full out vintage vamp look - red lips, big winged liner, pale skin!  Plus her hair will do ANYTHING!  It's so full and thick...and boy does it hold curl!  Whenever a bride shows me pics of the vintage wave I get nervous b/c so many ppl the second you go to comb through a curl the hair falls completely..not Jennifer - hair model hair!

I already wrote about and showed pics from this wedding earlier this year but I thought I'd show a couple again to illustrate how the vintage look can be interpreted in different ways.  Adriana wanted a 60s vibe to her look w/ straight hair and a bouffant on top.  She also kept the lips a very mod style nude/pink and had a slight wing to liner (very slight ;) ).

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