Friday, February 7, 2014

Blur Pro Panelist Classes

Very important announcement for Aspiring Makeup Artists in Toronto or the GTA!!!  For those of you not in the know...or possibly living under a rock (in which case you really need these classes) I'm very excited to announce I've been chosen along w/ several other AMAZING and INSPIRING artists to be on a pro panel class at Blur Makeup Room for makeup artists looking for advice on how to "make it in the biz"!

Anyone, who has been following this blog for awhile knows that I love to help out other artists and give advice and support to anyone who contacts fact it was a big reason I started the blog in the first place!  I'm a big believer in giving back to other up and coming artists and sharing my knowledge and experiences in order to help others maybe avoid or learn from some of the mistakes I've made while trying to make a career for myself.  

On several occasions I've actually gone back to my old makeup school to give talks about my career and how I've built my strong and ever growing business these past few years!  And it's not to say I'm not a believer in going to makeup school or taking a makeup program (although any artist will tell you that you learn a TON more once you're out of school) but I do know it's super important as an artist to not just stop there and to continue our growth and that means continually investing in ourselves and taking new classes and workshops...which I've actually talked a lot about in the past!

Also, and this is nothing against makeup schools but the one area I find them SERIOUSLY lacking in is the "What Next?" portion...sure they give you the basics and teach you some great techniques about makeup but where I feel they really fail is on the "What to do after graduation?" one tells you the next steps to take to make it as an artist once you graduate.  I also think this is why there is such a high failure rate after students finish makeup school...I'd say 90-95% of the girls I went to school are not doing makeup now...or didn't even attempt to start a career once school finished b/c in all honesty they just didn't know how to get started!

That's where these classes at Blur Makeup Room come in!  Basically, there are two sessions - one for the "new(er) artist" that wants to learn how to better themselves and their business and turn their "hobby" into a profitable career!  This is the panel I'll be sitting on along w/ two other working freelance artists in the city - Jem Lopez and Nicole Richards.   This pro panel is being held on Monday, March 3 from 9 am - 4 pm!  

We're going to touch upon topics like Branding, Advertising, Social Media, Portfolio Building, Resumes and Rates!  Really great way for any artists to come out and learn and ask questions about anything in the biz they've been too afraid to ask before!  It's a full day w/ a ton of information being given and in my opinion will probably be the most useful and educational class you will take all year!  Plus you can have a choice you can choose the whole day or just the morning or just the afternoon if you feel you have a grasp on one area but need help somewhere else maybe just take one portion of the class!

Like I've said before you can never stop learning and yes, classes aren't cheap but it's true what they say - You need to spend money to make money!  If the newbies out there only knew how much money I spent in the beginning and how much money I continue to spend every year investing in my career and craft lol! 

Plus a class like this will actually save and make you money in the long run b/c it will teach you where to spend your money, what shoots to accept or turn down, how to build a proper rate and business plan for yourself...I'm not just saying this b/c I'm on the panel (and I know I have a shitload of information and experience on these subjects ;) ) but wow this would have been SO USEFUL to me 7 years ago!!!

The second panel is happening on Mon, March 24 9 am - 4 pm.  It's for a more intermediate artist who already has a grasp on their career but is looking to take it to the next level and overcome challenges and obstacles standing in their way...newer artists would also benefit from this panel too of course.  I'm really thinking of taking this one as people on the panel are amazing and have a broad range of knowledge throughout the industry.

So really what are you waiting for...sign up!  Your career will thank you!

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