Sunday, February 2, 2014

LUSH Valentine's Day Treats

The wonderfully generous people over at LUSH Cosmetics sent me another wonderful package full of goodies to test just in time for Valentine's Day!  Now I know not everyone is a big fan of V-day being that it's a "fake" and "commercialized" holiday and all that stuff but that doesn't mean whether you're single or taken you can't still enjoy a little luscious treat for your skin.

Personally, even when I've been single over V-day...which has been most years to be perfectly honest the holiday hasn't really gotten me down...but that's just's just one day so who really cares when it comes down to it.

With that said that doesn't mean if you are a little down you can't pick yourself up w/ some really nice smelling, skin friendly body treats.  I know nothing quite picks me up or de-stresses me like a nice, relaxing bubble bath.

Also, boys listen up...don't want to get your girl flowers for V-day b/c they are overpriced and die anyway...well she's probably expecting something so why not get her some bath products...all girls LOVE bath's in our DNA or something lol!

So here's  a little low down on the cool products I got sent to me this time!

First off I think I'll start w/ my FAV of the bunch!

Tender is the Night Massage Bar - This product is so cool.  It's a lotion for your skin that comes in a bar and it melts upon contact w/ skin!  It leaves your skin feeling very silky and soft and I LOVE the bar concept.  It's great for travel as you don't have to worry about spills or accidents - plus don't have to worry about it in your carry on if you were going on a plane!  Also, could be fun to rub down and massage w/ another person too ;) .  I really like the vanilla, jasmine and ylang ylang smell too.  Not overpowering but definitely has staying power.  Very relaxing right before bed after a nice hot bath!

Speaking of up Love Locket!  This is a giant bath bomb from LUSH.  In the past I've commented that I like the bath bombs but don't necessarily love the cost per use ratio.  While I would still consider this a "treat item" rather than a regular purchase item.  I did appreciate the size of this bath bomb.  It can definitely be broken up into at least 3 baths.  It turns your bath water a pretty pink colour and the outer layer is speckled w/ little hearts that will float into the pink water as it dissolves.  It's got a jasmine and vanilla fragrance too so it's a nice compliment to the lotion...although I found the fragrance to be a lot less strong w/ this product so if you're someone who doesn't like a ton of fragrance but only a hint this might be a good option.

Also for bath time Neon Love Soap.  If you like bar soaps this is a nice option.  It's pink w/ a white heart in the middle to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Doesn't leave a residue on the skin and overall I feel it's holding up pretty well in the shower.  I hate when you buy a bar of soap and it seems to dissolve in a week!  This one is made of passion fruit juice and has essentials oils like cinnamon, rosewood and a little more citrusy and spicy then the other two products which are more floral in fragrance.

Last but not least Prince Charming Shower Gel. I'll be honest I'm more of a shower gel girl then bar soap girl so I probably like this a bit better than the Neon Love Soap.  But I also think I like it b/c it has a bit of a sweet, candy like fragrance to it and I really love sweet smelling things...I think this probably has to do w/ the marshmallow root, almond oil and vanilla pod infusion.  I really like this product although I don't notice the fragrance staying w/ me (which is too bad) as long as the Rose Jam shower gel I reviewed at Christmas...still gotta say that is definitely a fav!

So doesn't matter if you're single or taken treat yourself...or someone you know to some Valentine's Day Bath Products!

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