Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Balm Bronzer/Luminizer Kit is Da Bomb!

 Thanks to Obsessed Canada (a cool site offering makeup, hair and skin care products to Canada w/ free shipping) I got to try out the new Luminizer/Bronzer set by The Balm called Manizer Duo Kit.

I love myself a good luminizer and bronzer so I was very pumped to try this out!  First off I gotta say I love the packaging...very cute!  The duo showcases a sort of Betty/Veronica vixen duo on the compacts - Blonde for the Luminizer and Brunette for the Bronzer.  I also liked that the compacts are rather slim...I hate bulky compacts that take up too much room in my already over flowing makeup bag.

The luminizer is really beautiful and goes on smooth w/ just the right hint of glow not too much glitter.  As well it's a nice champagne colour which I prefer more than a stark white highlighter b/c it just blends into the skin more easily and looks more natural.  As well it's a great colour to use as a highlight on the inner corner of the eyes and right under the brow bone.

The bronzer like the luminizer goes on very smooth and is a nice golden colour...not too orange like some bronzers.  Plus like the luminizer it can be used as an eye shadow.  My only suggestion or complaint w/ the bronzer was I wish it was matte and didn't have the shimmer.  That way it could be used in conjunction w/ the luminizer as a contour combo kit.

But other than that it's a really cute kit and def. worth a look for your personal makeup bag or professional makeup kit!

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