Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jamberry Nail Wraps

The last few years I've seen a real growing trend in the world of "nail art".  Even on set it's becoming more and more regular for their to be either a manicurist (if it's a big budget shoot or something featuring hands/toes specifically) or for the makeup/hair artist to also handle nails.

Usually this may just require the artist to make sure the nails look clean and neat but on editorials or fashion spreads it may be necessary for their to be something more elaborate or creative or sometimes there may even be multiple nail looks!  Yes, it can be nice to have complete control over everything and do something really cool but not going to lie sometimes it's just so much work to not only do makeup and hair but now have to think about nail art too lol!

So when I was contacted by Dana at Jamberry Nails to try out some of their really cool nail wraps I thought for sure!  For those that don't know these wraps adhere to the nail w/ the heat of a hairdryer and any excess wrap can be easily filed away.

I personally get a manicure every two wks b/c 1. I'm terrible at painting my own nails 2. I feel it's important to have nice nails b/c my hands are constantly in view of my clients so something like these nail wraps are an awesome at home option for people like me.  Plus they don't chip or peel off like regular nail polish always does for me...and NO smudges or smears lol!  And they come in SO MANY different colours, patterns and designs - literally you'd never get bored!

For set they'd be awesome b/c you could pre-make a set of false nails w/ the wraps and then you'd just have to adhere the nails to the models hand or you could do the wraps straight to her real nails. Instantly you'd have a fashion forward cool nail w/out the drying time and painstaking effort of trying to do "nail art" which is definitely an art in itself...props to those w/ the gift and skill to do it well!

Jamberry also have wraps for toes and tiny children's fingers.  I think something like this would be a great addition for a young girl or pre-teens b-day party as I know parents are always trying to come up w/ fun activities for their kids' parties!

I put the wraps on all of my nails and it does take a little practice to get them perfect and smooth...but overall it was pretty easy and I did it while watching T.V so can't complain too much. I tried out a really pretty pink floral pattern which is great for Spring/Summer.  I typically keep my nails pretty simple w/ just a solid nail polish colour so I think for me I'd probably keep the wrap to just an "accent nail" instead of the whole hand but it was fun to try something different and a little outside my typical nail polish box.  I think the wraps would look really awesome on just 1 or 2 nails on each you'd get more use out of the wraps that way ;)

So if you're looking for something fun and different for your nails definitely check out their many different patterns and styles to choose from!  You can even upload your own design and get wraps made of cool is that!

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