Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Marc Anthony Body Care

As you all know I LOVE me some Marc Anthony Hair Care products and the wonderful people over there are always so generous when sending me things.  Recently they mentioned Marc Anthony was launching a new Body Care line so of course I was all over trying that!  Perfect timing too!  I was just running low on some of my body lotions and after this HARSH Winter we've had in Toronto my skin definitely needed a little extra help in the moisture and skincare department!

The body care line is broken into 3 different categories - Oil of Morocco Argan Oil,  Coconut Oil & Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil and luckily for me I got to try a little bit from everything!

First Up Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Body Wash - Well basically as soon as you put the word Coconut into something fragrance, food or body care related I'm sold!  It's literally one of my favourite fragrances...basically anything that makes me feel like I'm on vacation works for me lol! Plus like their shampoos/conditioners I reviewed recently this is also Sulfate Free!  Even though it's sulfate free it still lathers nicely onto a sponge or brush for scrubbing.  It's moisturizing and doesn't feel like it leaves a sticky film on the it's a really big size so you'll definitely have it for awhile!

Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Hand Cream - It's so funny when I was younger I never really understood why every woman seemed to carry hand cream in their purse and were constantly lathering their hands with it.  As I've gotten older, started working w/ my hands and constantly sanitizing them for work and noticed my hands getting much dryer in the Winter I've jumped on the hand cream bandwagon.  This hand cream is nice.  It absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't leave it feeling heavy or creamy but still feels nourishing.  The coconut fragrance is subtle and doesn't offend which is important since I have my hands near and on people's faces all the time.

Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Body Lotion - Another super size product so you're definitely getting your money's worth here!  This is a great lotion for after the shower if you want to cover your whole body but not worry you're going to run out of it in a week!  It's also really light weight so it's great for those that feel that body butters or creams are too heavy for their skin!

I think my two favourite products were actually from the Macadamia Oil collection!

Healing Macadamia Oil Deep Moisture Body Butter - Ever since I was in high school and first discovered Body Shop's Body Butter I've loved these types of creams!  I really like the smell of the Macadamia Oil collection plus my legs tend to get VERY dry especially in the Winter and I find this body butter did a great job and hydrating and moisturizing it.  Definitely good for those w/ extra parched or dry skin!

My surprise favourite product from the collection was Macadamia Oil Dry Body Oil - not going to lie, the idea of spraying oil onto my skin didn't actually sound that appealing.  I thought it would be really greasy, oily and messy but weightless mist drys and absorbs into the skin really quickly and makes the skin feel really smooth and soft.  I would wait a couple of minutes before putting on clothes after applying it though be aware!  Plus I think it would be a great moisturizer for the Summer b/c it leaves your skin w/ a subtle glow which is always nice for your shoulders and legs when wearing your favourite sundress!

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