Friday, March 27, 2015

Collectiion XXII - Anti-Aging Skincare

As I get older I'm more and more concerned w/ aging and the signs of aging showing up on my face in particular.  So whenever I get the chance to try out new anti-aging products I of course jump on that.  Awhile back I was asked to test out some new products from a company called Collection XXII who are based in Quebec but formulated in Switzerland.  They are new to the anti-aging market just coming on the scene in 2009 w/ a single product.  Since then they've taken the past 4 years to formulate 4 products in total and are continuing to develop more.  I like when brands take time to develop and formulate a couple of good products vs. throwing a lot of mediocre products on the market just to create a "full line" to retail.

So all of their products are infused w/ their 4 "Secrets" which include: Collagen, Cavier, Gold & Grape Seed Oil.

Collagen - Helps skin's elasticity and helps prevent wrinkles. As we age collagen in the skin breaks down creating wrinkles, saggy skin and age spots.

Gold - Absorbs into the skin and creates a healthier glow.  Collection XXII gold flakes help open up the pores which helps the collagen penetrate the skin which makes for a more effective treatment.

Cavier - Helps to speed up the natural  production of collagen in the skin.  It's also rich in vitamins A, D, B1, B2, and micro-elements Co, Cu, P, Si, Zn.  Cavier extract helps firm the skin and provide optimal hydration.

Grape Seed Oil - Provides protection against sun damage and the astringent properties can tighten the skin.  It can really help with things like acne, dermatitis and eczema.  It also helps reduce age spots, stretch marks, sunburns and wrinkles.

The first product I got to try out was the Collagen Eye Mask XXII.  The patch targets the delicate area under the eyes and it helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and diminish dark circles and puffiness. Pretty much issues all women (and men) face.  I really liked these patches and definitely felt that they were hydrating to the eye area.  I can't speak about any long term results as I only had the one set of patches to try the one time but I definitely felt like the skin around the eye was softer and more moisturized.  I'd definitely use these on or recommend these to brides on their wedding day.  A lot of brides don't get a lot of sleep before their wedding so I think a product like this would be great for moisturizing and de-puffing the eye area which would allow for better and smooth makeup application after.

I also got the chance to try Collagen Lip Mask XXII.  This patch also reduces fine lines and wrinkles by softening and hydrating the skin.  I had never used a patch like this before so this was unique to me.  Again like the eye patch I found it very hydrating.  I don't personally have a lot of wrinkles around the mouth area so I don't know if it would benefit me in that way but I imagine for someone who is a smoker something like this might be very beneficial to them as they tend to develop more or premature wrinkles around the mouth area.

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