Tuesday, April 28, 2015


So anyone that wears false lashes on the regular knows that Mink Lashes are the more luxurious and high end option compared to commonly found synthetic lashes so when ESQIDO false eyelashes asked me to try out some of their lashes I of course jumped at the opportunity!

Esqido were kind enough to send me two pairs of lashes:  Lashlorette and Voila Lash.  For the purposes of this review though I'm only going to talk about Lashlorette.

Voila Lash is a beautiful lash but it's VERY FULL and long...I can only imagine wearing this style for a club night or perhaps New Years Eve sort of thing...definitely not your "Go to dinner" or "Nice night out" lashes...at least on my eyes (just a bit to overwhelming to look natural.

Lashlorette on the other hand was a perfect "Night Out" lash.  Perfect amount of volume and length to add drama and definition to the eye w/out looking like a drag queen or just "too much".  As I've found w/ other mink lashes in the past Esqido lashes have a great curve to them and fall nicely on to the lash line making them very easy to apply.  And they are very light weight once on.

The great thing about mink lashes vs. synthetic is yes while they are more expensive w/ proper care you can get up to 25 uses from them.  So they are an investment but if you're spending $5-7 on a pair of synthetic Quo lashes from Shoppers that you only wear once if you wear these even for half the amount of times they say they'll actually work out to be cheaper.  And don't worry animal lovers all the mink is responsibly sourced during a natural molting/shedding cycle and they are sterilized and hypoallergenic.

One of the great things about Esqido's site is they offer a Lash Guide which asks several questions about your eyes, the occasion and your lash applying expertise to help suggest the best lash for you!

For my business purposes I do personally wish the bands on the lashes were clear not black and that they had shorter options (even the least voluminous option is still quite long).  My clients tend to be VERY natural people so even though I know how to rock a set of lashes like Lashlorette when I go out I think a lot of them would find something like that still WAY too dramatic for them.

Also when choosing a lash you have to look at the person's natural eye shape.  I personally don't have a lot of lid space therefore something like Voila Lash just sort of overwhelms my eye but someone w/ huge eyes and lots of lid space before the brow could totally pull of something like this.

Although I didn't try them out knowing my personal style and my clients I think Unforgettable and Little Black Lash would be great options!  I personally prefer the types where they enhance the eye but the average person might not even know they are fake.

They also have a PRO Makeup Artist Program so definitely something for the MUAs out there to check out!

All the pics are showing the Lashlorette Style...as you can see on my eyes they are very full and quite dramatic.  They pretty much reach my eyebrows...This is why I think anything bigger or fuller might just be a bit of overkill on my eyes.

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