Friday, April 24, 2015

Yorkville Engagement Shoot

About a mth ago I did a trial w/ my one upcoming bride Katherine for her May wedding.  She had decided to schedule her engagement shoot the same day as the trial which I find can be a good thing as long as you don't mind having the same look for your shoot as your wedding.

Katherine wanted a grey black smokey eye and a fancy Kate Middleton inspired updo so I wanted to make sure it was okay for the shoot but she explained she was doing a fancy shoot in Yorkville so it actually all complimented itself perfectly.

Engagement shoots are the perfect time for couple's to get comfortable and practice in front of the camera as well as get to know their photographer.  It's also a great chance to see how makeup reads differently on camera than it does in real life.  The look you might have thought was super dramatic in person actually reads fairly natural on camera.

That's actually what Katherine decided after the shoot,  She realized she wanted the eye more intense and the lips brighter which I'm more than happy to accommodate on the day.  At the trial Katherine wasn't even sure she wanted to wear the fancy blue dress she had picked out for the shoot b/c she thought it might be a bit too much but I said you have fancy hair and makeup you have to have a fancy it's Yorkville!

I'm so glad she went w/ the dress b/c the pics are just gorgeous thanks to the awesome photography of Jessilynn Wong!  Very excited to work w/ her on Katherine's wedding in May b/c if these pics are any indication of things I know the wedding pics will be amazing!

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