Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Importance of a Professional Makeup Artist for Corporate Shoots

 I do quite a bit of corporate work...I'd like to do more but overall with my experience I definitely say I understand the needs of corporate clients when it comes to makeup and hair.  Unfortunately, not everyone understands the value of hiring a professional makeup artist for their corporate head shot shoot or video production.

A lot of times people in the corporate world don't understand the difference using a professional artist will make in their pictures and videos.  It's not their fault.  Typically, their work is about business or numbers or computers etc. Not exactly the most beauty focused fields lol.  What exactly do they know about the benefits of hiring a professional makeup artist.  That's why it's up to us as professionals to help educate them.  In fact it actually holds a lot of the same principals and facts as to why brides should hire professionals are their day too!

I thought it might be smart to outline some of the important reasons and benefits as to why businesses should hire professional makeup artists for their photo or video needs.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist

1. Makeup Reads Differently On Camera - You may need more makeup than you typically wear day to day.  A lot of women think that the makeup they put on for work is perfectly fine for pictures or videos but the camera takes away about 30% of the makeup.  That's why you need to "up it" a bit but still look professional.  A makeup artist will know how to keep you looking like you while still enhancing your look enough that it will show up on camera.

2. They Use Professional Camera Friendly Products - I'm sure it's obvious to most but not all makeup is created equally.  A lot of consumer products are great for day to day use but they aren't necessarily "camera friendly" meaning they might create a flash back (white face) for pictures or just not be strong enough for film or pictures.  A professional makeup artist will know what products work for what situation and will have a kit stocked with camera quality products that they've tried and tested out so they know exactly how they react and what works best depending on the lighting, setting and type of picture or video you're working on.

3. They Will Be Available For Touch Ups - When you hire a professional they will typically be just off camera and ready in case you need a lip touch up, powder for shine or to fix fly away hairs.  Small things like this may not seem like a big deal at the time but they will be huge on camera and ultimately very distracting.

4. It's An Investment For Your Business - You are already investing so much into your pictures or video it only makes sense to make it the best you possibly can.  There is not point in investing all of this money into a project if you're not going to look your best in it.  If the star element of the picture or video doesn't look good it doesn't matter how much money was spent on the photographer/videographer or production value the project will ultimately look cheap and unpolished and I don't think anybody wants to have that as their last impression.

5. How Many People Will See These Pictures/Videos? - These pictures and videos will probably be around for a long time and hopefully be seen by thousands of people.  It's important that the impression you leave people with is a good one.  If you look disheveled or unpolished that's the impression you're going to leave clients or potential business contacts with.  If you're going to use these pictures or videos for several years it's only smart to make them look the best and most
professional you can.

6. You'll Feel More Confident - When you hire a professional makeup artist they come to you.  You don't have to worry about anything on the day with regards to your hair and makeup.  The convenience of it all can't be beat and it can be a very relaxing and pampering experience to get your hair and makeup done which in turn can raise your confidence and reduce your anxiety which will both show on camera.

7. Men Need Makeup Too! - This is actually a big one!  Most men don't realize the benefit of having their makeup done for photos or videos.  It's true that day to day the average man does not wear makeup and because of that a lot of men see it as something only women need for pictures or film but that's not true. As mentioned above the camera picks up small details and magnifies them.  A lot of men just like women have redness in their skin or dark circles under their eyes.  These sorts of things can make a man look tired or unpolished on camera.  Now of course the level of makeup needed on a man compared to a woman is very different but even just some concealing of redness or dark circles and a bit of powder foundation to reduce shine can make a a world of difference in photos.

8. It's More Affordable Than You Think - A lot of times budget and money are huge factors in this sort of thing but when you break it down the cost of hiring a professional makeup artist for your shoot or video is actually a small percentage of the total cost.  Plus if you think hiring a professional is expensive imagine the costs if you need to do a re-shoot because the first shoot wasn't good enough!

Now like any professional or business there are different levels of skill and quality.  It's important for people to do their research before hiring someone.  Like the saying goes - "You think a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur" ;)

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