Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love This New Editorial...Wish They Spelt My Name Right :S

So I got the pics from another editorial I did back in may remember this shoot as I think I may have referred to it as my most miserable day on set EVER lol! You know how it is when getting your work published- when it rains it pours (which is funny actually b/c it did unfortunately pour on this shoot :( ). I contacted the magazine personally about getting a copy and the PDF file of the editorial and they literally got back to me in was insane - I've never had that happen before! I wasn't hearing anything back from the photographer so I'm not one to just sit back - I take control and make this shit happen for myself. I like these pics way too much to NOT get this editorial in my book! I hear a lot of times MUAs talking about not getting pics or tears and to be honest I've never really had too much of a problem w/ this (knock on wood). Probably b/c 1. I work w/ professional people 2. If I want something I will figure out a way to get it myself...I have contacted several magazines on my own about getting my shit - I don't like to wait around lol...and I may have slight control issues w/ not trusting anyone to do a job when I can do it myself lol! - This may also be why I've never worked w/ an assistant yet...but that's a whole other issue lol!

So anyway back to the editorial - it was for Don Gil Magazine and I really love it! I especially love that the opening page is a beauty shot b/c a lot of times when doing editorial I don't get a really strong beauty shot for myself unless it's specifically a beauty story. Only one prob w/ the editorial - THEY SPELT MY NAME WRONG!! They didn't include my middle name which isn't really that big of a deal BUT they also spelt my last name wrong - MEYERS instead of MYERS..Ugghh! It was bound to happen at some point as it is a really COMMON mistake w/ my name but it still sucks! So here is the editorial - enjoy!
The guy pic was shot in a Shanghai ghetto. It reeked of piss and shit...I'm not kidding (you can even see some old underwear drying near his head was Jan. btw)! They don't even have running water or sad.
The girl pic was taken at a dead chicken stall. Really cool location for a pic long as you ignore how filthy it is and your okay w/ dead chickens hanging/laying everywhere lol!
Btw if anyone is curious the model is wearing extensions (I even made and applied them myself)


Opé - Style Artist said...

I love the opening shot! Nice!!

Christine Estima said...

you do great work babe:)

MiuMiu said...

the photos look amazing!!

Amy Allen said...

Great images!!

Both the models are gorgeous, and the make-up is fab!!