Friday, December 18, 2009

In Beauty Magazine

I FINALLY got my copy of In Beauty Spring/Summer 10 Magazine. For those of you that don't know In Beauty is LITERALLY my makeup and hair beauty bible for the fashion seasons. Stumbling upon the premiere issue last yr was literally one of the best things to happen to me as far as research and expanding my ideas for makeup/hair trends.

Basically, it's a magazine that gives detailed explanations and close up pictures of all the important runway shows in Milan, Paris, London and New York. It's so great to have these pictures as references b/c a lot of times when you look at the runway pics after the shows you can't see the makeup and hair up close enough to see all the details and nuances b/c let's be real the main focus of these shows are the clothes lol.

The magazine is a bit pricey at $45 CAN but for me it is worth every penny and MORE! Seriously, it's a magazine of pure gold...every page is just more and more inspiration. I'm so glad I came across it by pure luck that first time and actually bought it.

It's always a guessing game when trying to figure out when this magazine will come out b/c it only comes out twice a year a few mths after the runway shows and it's VERY hard to find in stores b/c 1. Not many stores carry the magazine 2. The stores that do only carry like 1 or 2 copies 3. It's becoming a big magazine for makeup artists to buy

Thankfully, I'm persistent and even when I was working in China I had good friends go find a copy for me. The magazine is actually made in Taiwan so I had to contact them and they told me when it was coming out and put me in touch w/ the very friendly and patient distributor in Toronto who even had a copy sent to a store personally for me b/c there were no more it stores at the time.

So if you do happen to stumble upon this little gem I say BUY IT! BUY IT NOW!!


Tina said...

hi, may I please have the name of the distributor/vendor you get yours from? Thanks.

Julianne said...

I've been trying to get a copy of this magazine!!! Do you know if they sell in the US??? I agree, this magazine is the beauty Bible!!!

Jolene K said...

I totally agree! This magazine is awesome!
I'm a makeup artist in Singapore. I bought mine for abt US$20/copy (older issues) and US$32/copy (Current issue), here in Singapore.

Lilly said...

Would i please be able to have the name of the manufacturer/ their number?! I have been looking everywhere for this magazine for the past nine months. Please contact me if you know where i can get my hands on one - thank you! xx

Anonymous said...


I'm an artist in Toronto and I've been looking for this magazine for a while- can you tell me where you got your copy? I'd like to get the back issues, as well.

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

I don't know about back issues but it comes out twice a year - Dec/May and you can get it at Complections Makeup School or various International Presse stores. I've also seen it at Chapters before.

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