Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Fyrinnae Order FINALLY Arrived!

So about a mth ago I ordered from Fyrinnae . For a long time now I've wanted to check out their loose eye shadows which I've heard are AMAZING. So finally I ordered about 20 eye shadow samples (hard to get the amount down there are SOO MANY great ones!), 5 mineral blushes, a powder primer and a silica primer along w/ eye lid primer, pixie epoxy (good for glitter and shimmery shadows) and a pigment modifier that helps w/ pigment pressing (which I'll be doing a video on in the near future :) ). The great thing is how affordable everything is...I mean even shipping internationally to Canada was FREE (that never happens). The sucky thing was waiting! I knew the orders took up to two wks to be shipped but then it took an additional two and half wks to get here (apparently that's rare) but it finally did and I'm so EXCITED to try everything out. I wanted to use some of these colours on the shoot I had over the weekend but unfortunately that wasn't a possibility b/c they weren't here yet :(

So I've done some swatches on my arm of a few colours. I'll do some today and I'll do some more over the next couple of days. In the pics the LEFT side is applied w/ a damp brush for a foiled wet look and the RIGHT side is applied w/ a dry brush. The Left side really pops in the pics and the Right side looks more subtle but also remember this is a point and shoot camera it doesn't really show it's true beauty.

The first one is Dragonskin (great green w/ gold flecks)
Jade Ghost - Pic doesn't do it of my favs actually (shimmery white w/ mint green sheen)
Digital Faerie - I love this one wet!
Biker Chic - Black w/ blue sparkles - I think this will be great for a smokey eye!
Electro-Koi - Gorgeous Orange w/ gold shimmer - I think this was the colour I was most surprised about how much I liked it!
Wicked - It photographs Blue but it's actually Purple w/ Teal shimmer...very pretty!
Equality - I think dry this will be a great layering colour - I know you can't see but it's kind of a shimmery silver/taupe w/ multi colour sparkles
Immortality - Black w/ multi colour sparkles
The last one I'm showing today is actually more of a glitter - Lights of Moscow. I put it on dry and over the pixie epoxy I mentioned earlier. I definitely suggest putting a sticky base of some sort underneath it or applying it wet just so it sticks to the eye.
I'll post more tomorrow if I have time...I have a shoot tomorrow so I'll have to see :)

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lelo said...

the colours are so vibrant. i've never heard of that brand but i have to check it out!