Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yaby Liquid Foundations

Okay to answer you question Aziza the Yaby Liquid Foundation colours in my kit are:

On the Yellow side: Buff, Pecan and Caramel

Apparently Buff is the MUST have colour for the yellow side b/c it's a very common colour for white girls and it's mixed in w/ a lot of the other colours to adjust them. Liz (Yaby creator) herself told me that Buff and Pecan can be mixed together w/ different amounts of each colour to make a range of colours.

There is one shade lighter then Buff but I have the Face Atelier 0- Foundation Adjuster so if I need to go lighter I just add a drop of that. Remember you can mix different types and brands of foundations together to get different consistencies and different coverages. If you think your cream foundation is a bit heavy or matte mix a bit of Face Atelier or something similar w/ it to make it a bit lighter or dewy.

On the Pink side: Vanilla, Peach Cream, Almond Butter

Peach Cream and Almond Butter are apparently great colours for men b/c they do tend to have more pink in their skin. Also if you think some of the colours are a bit too pink you can always cut them w/ a little something from the yelllow side. Some colours like Rubarb (which I don't have) look very pink but I think they are more for adjusting then for use on their own.

I also have Cherry Blossom which is a colour adjuster to add more pink but I actually use it more as a natural looking cream blush. It gives a great rosy glow to the cheeks.

Liz also has other liquid adjusters which are very useful: White - make lighter, Blue - Neutralize Orange (bit too much fake tan), Purple - Neutralizes sickly yellow skin, Green - for those pesky red zits or rosacea and Apricot - great for the under eye area.

I should also mention that Liz does have a large range of colours for darker skintones. Caramel being the darkest shade on the yellow side, Chocolate Chip being the darkest on the pink side and Hot Fudge is a dark neutral shade. At this time I don't work w/ a lot of girls w/ darker skintones so I'm waiting to get some of the other darker shades. When I was working w/ Liz at the makeup show there was one very dark black girl who came to the booth and Chocolate Chip was a perfect match for her...she was quite surprised not only at the match but at the price!

I have started using Yaby liquid Foundation on myself everyday and I love it. I'm Honey w/ a bit of Buff lol.


smilecusiluvu said...

I've been looking at these for a while great review!

Deborah Jones said...

I'm going to imats in a month and I am sooo going to check these out. thanks for the heads up!