Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Magic Wand!

Today I was doing a model portfolio building shoot for this really nice actress/model that contacted me - Shirleyann Mason. Basically we wanted to get 6 different looks done throughout the shoot. Up until now she's mostly just acted but wants to possibly get into doing some work in Japan so she needed to build a modeling portfolio and fast. The girl is a NATURAL.

Anyway, I don't know why I never mentioned this item before b/c it is seriously like my magic curling wand. EVERY time I use it on set everyone ohhs and awws over it and LOVES the results. Plus it's so much easier and quicker (at least for me) to use then a regular curling iron. It seriously makes me look like I'm much better at hair then I am lol...and today was definitely NO exception.

My magic wand is my Cortex Curling Tong! I got it on Ebay and seriously I'm in love! There are way more expensive versions out there too but this one works fine for me. Comes w/ a glove too so you can wrap the hair around the wand w/out burning your fingers (which I have done OUCH).
As you can see it doesn't have the clamp of a regular curling iron. You just take the hair and w/ the glove on wrap the hair around the wand and simple!

So the following pics are just some behind the scenes pics I took throughout the shoot...she looked way better then these pics give credit for but I just want to show the variety of hairstyles I was able to get w/ just curling the hair ONCE and then just changing the curl and style throughout the shoot.

The first look was just really natural no makeup/makeup natural hair. The second look was when I first curled the hair. We were going for a really doll like look. I put her hair into a really pretty high ponytail (I also learned how to do that perfect clean coveted ponytail recently..a real hard thing for a lot of makeup artists). Then I curled the tail into pretty little ringlets.
After that look I pulled all the ringlets apart so that it was just a huge ponytail of curls and then I pinned it to the side and changed the makeup.
Next w/out touching up the hair AT ALL. I just took out the pins and ponytail. Switched to a smokey eye and this is the hair I got - GORGEOUS!
Next I went really high fashion. Dark eyes - Dark Lips and really contoured cheek bones. I slicked back the top of the hair and then frizzed out the curls around the neck. These pics don't illustrate the slicked back part of the hair that well as they were taken between takes but I'm sure you can get the idea lol.
The final look was just thrown in last minute and I just teased the hell out of the curls...the same curls that I did hours ago w/ that tong! Look at how many TOTALLY different looks I got out of ONE curling application!
Who would have thought those clean little ringlets in the first pic could be transformed into this!


lelo said...

i always wanted to get one

DeAnna said...

wow!! very nicely done!!

Anonymous said...

I NEED that one shoulder gray dress she has on!