Sunday, March 28, 2010

Working w/ Kids

I know this might surprise anyone that knows me but I actually work w/ kids A LOT for shoots! I do a lot of kids commercial style work...I'm not sure how this started happening. It's funny b/c anyone who knows me doesn't really think I'm the most maternal of ppl lol but surprisingly the kids (and their parents) really seem to like me. Basically, my theory is just treat them like little adults...I'm not really one for talking down to kids. Most of the time the kids are total sweethearts and it's not that hard at all. Plus knowing that they aren't going home w/ me at the end of the day helps too lol!

One of the most amazing things about kids is that their skin tends to be amazing...poreless, even in tone and glowing...very little foundation necessary. In fact kids are a perfect example of less is more when it comes to makeup. I've seen some shoots where the kids are wearing sooo much makeup w/ heavy blush and lipstick. Personally I just don't believe in the pageant look for kids. I want the kids I work on to look like KIDS not Prostitots! I'm all for a little bit of mascara, touch of blush, a pretty gloss some powder and go.

Of course working w/ children does possess it's own unique set of challenges. You have to work quick! Kids can't sit for long and they get fidgety after just a few mins...esp. if they are really young. This has proved to be especially true when it comes to curling their hair. Kids also only have a limited amount of energy on set. That means we have to shoot quick and get the shot quick otherwise we risk having a cranky, whiny child...something I'm NEVER a fan of lol!

When working w/ kids I've also found that it's just easier if you throw all inhibitions out the window. A lot of times they are new to being in front of the camera so we have to be there to make them feel comfortable. It's not like when I'm working w/ a model for an editorial and you just tell them to go and they do their thing. W/ kids we have to be willing to make fools of ourselves to get them out of their shells sometimes. This includes multiple dance routines to Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers along w/ jumping and posing many many many times lol! I'm NOT exaggerating when I say I'm hip to ALL the music of the pre-teen genre...and between you and I - I've become very found of Miley Cyrus' Party in the's my guilty pleasure song lol!

So here's a few of my Fav. shots from my Kids Portfolio

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