Sunday, August 1, 2010

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

So yesterday was a busy day for me.  Wedding in the morning, bachelorette party at night!  I had so much fun at the bachelorette party.  What a great group of girls!  I even stayed longer then planned b/c they were so much fun and as we found out in my other post I obviously have no life of my own I spend Fri. nights cleaning makeup brushes lol!

So yeah I arrived at the Bachelorette party around 5:45 and not all the guests were there yet so the girls offered me a cocktail.  Always a great way to start off a gig lol.  I wish all jobs started w/ cocktails!  They had arranged to have an on-site bartender there to make drinks throughout the party and also to teach the girls some tricks and history of different cocktails and was very entertaining. 

Basically, my game plan was to do a demo/makeup lesson for the party guests using the bride-to-be as my demo model...therefore she get's her makeup done and everyone gets to learn some new tips and tricks.  First I did a day look and then we all took a break, ate some food, had a drink (not me I only had the one don't worry) and then I moved on to the second part of my demo...taking that day look and switching it to night.  During the demo the girls got to ask me any questions they had about products and techniques.

Lindsay, the bride looked great after and totally glam and ready to go out to the bar later that night.  After the demo one of the girls asked me if I could teach her about doing a smokey on her...she was Asian and I've had a lot of Asians in the past ask me about smokey eyes so I was more then  happy to show her...even though this wasn't part of the original plan ;) .  She looked great after and I even did a little contouring and lip gloss too.  Of course a couple of others then wanted to get their makeup was I going to say no the girls were all so nice and I didn't have any plans on Saturday night so why not.

Here's a couple of pics of me at work on the bride-to-be Lindsay as I did some last minute touch ups before she went out...excuse how greasy I look lol.

So if you have a Girl's Night or Bachelorette Party coming up think about a Makeup Demo/Lesson.  Great way to do something a bit different, have fun w/ your girls AND get your makeup professionally done at the same time!

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