Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quickest Brazilian in Town!

So it's officially Summer and you know what that means...patios, drinking, beach time and bathing suits...Eeek! It also means I needed to go for a Brazilian. I decided to try Aroma Wellness Centre & Spa, it's literally a 5 min walk from my apt., it gives a 15% discount on waxing on Tues & Weds and after reading all the glowing reviews about their Brazilian experts I thought I can't go wrong.

So they were able to take me on short notice which was great. I called yesterday and asked if they were available first thing when they opened at 10 am and they said they could squeeze me in. Mary my Esthetician was great. Very friendly and quick w/ the waxing and she told me exactly where to pull and hold to help w/ the resistance and therefore pain. Of course it wasn't pain free...they day they invent a pain free Brazilian I'll be right there front of the line lol. But it was quick - probably under 10 mins which is great b/c if you can't have it pain free you might as well get it over as quick as possible lol. The spa itself is very clean and they don't double dip the wax sticks which is good to know.

What really made the experience great was that I told Mary how last wk I had been there for a facial (they have VERY affordable spa packages) and now I had a couple of cystic like pimples (I have acne prone skin) come up (you know the rock hard painful ones that are under the skin :( ). Mary said she would look at my file to see what the other Esthetician - Alaa had used on my face and then she would use their ultra light therapy treatment on me free of charge :) Basically, it sort of felt like getting little shocks on the affected area. I thought that was great customer service and I'll definitely be going back! Not only for the Brazilians but I'm definitely curious now to try other services...esp. since they are so affordable.

So in total my waxing after tax and w/ the 15% discount came to $31.00 + tip...can't beat that! Plus it was less then 30 mins for me to walk to and from the spa, get the waxing and get the ultra light therapy!

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