Friday, July 30, 2010

Weddings, Bachelorette Parties and Touch Up Kits!

So it's a Fri. night and being the cool, hip person I am I'm staying in and cleaning my makeup brushes, packing my makeup kit and preparing for a couple of jobs I have tomorrow.  Hey, I'm old and responsible...don't judge I have to be at the hotel for a wedding job at 7:00 am which probably means I'll be up at 5:15 am just to be safe.  So of course I needed to take a little break from all the hard work I'm doing ;) and I thought what better then to be productive (aka procrastinate) and write on my blog that's been sorely neglected lately :(.

So yeah tomorrow I have a fun day.  I have a wedding tomorrow morning...really fun bride then tomorrow night I'm working a bachlorette party!  Bachelorette party you ask?  So yeah tomorrow I'm doing a Girl's Night Party which is a really fun idea.  After going on my website the sister of the bride approached me and asked how I could incorporate a makeup lesson, bachelorette party and her sister (the bride) getting her makeup done for the night out (b/c she's always wanted to have her makeup professionally done). 

So I suggested we do a group makeup lesson where I use the bride as the demo girl.  Basically, I'll do a day look on the bride w/ all the girls watching.  I'll explain everything I'm doing, give tips and they can ask any questions they want.  I'll then show them how to turn that day look into a night look w/ a few easy I'll give the bride some false lashes for some extra fun night time drama.  Then I'll sit w/ each girl for 5-10 mins and I'll go over some products that might work for them and I'll tell them what to ditch and what to keep out of their current makeup collection plus answer anymore questions they have. 

Anyway, back to the wedding.  I'm packing everything up and that includes my bridal touch up kit and I thought I should take a couple of pictures of what I include in my bridal touch up kit to show you guys. 

Start off w/ a little white organza pouch (got them off ebay super cheap in bulk)
1. Business Cards (4 or so...never know who might want to know who made the bride look so fabulous)
2. Compact Mirror
3. Lipgloss
4. Lipstick (I either use an E.L.F lipstick shown in pic or I put a sample of the lipstick used in a little Yaby empty pan)
5. Disposable Lip Wands - 2 (Again ebay...actually same seller as I got the awesome mini sifter jars!)
6. Mini Sifter Jar w/ Translucent Powder (just take a bit of my Yaby translucent powder and put it in the jar)
7. Powder Puff for Translucent Powder
8. Mini Nail File (that's the little white thing w/ red crosses)

See how compact and cute it all is!

You'll notice I have a lot of E.L.F cosmetics in my touch up kit.  E.L.F is great for things like that.  It's affordable (esp. if you do a big order when they have a 50% off everything sale...or even on a reg. day it's cheap!) and the products are compact so they fit perfectly into the little pouch.  Plus let's be don't have to get fancy w/ a compact mirror or powder puff so why spend an arm and a leg!

P.S. Booked 2 weddings today for Oct...Almost all booked up for Oct! :)


Jyoti Purba said...

WOW love it
where do you buy everything from?

Laurencemakeupaddict said...

I'm a makeup artist and give touch up kit but one thing missing was the compact mirror. I also give them 2-3 lip gloss wands to touch up their lipstick or gloss and few q-tips in case something needs to be fixed.

Patricia Ellis said...

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