Saturday, February 19, 2011


You may remember back in the Fall I got to work on a really cool shoot on a horse farm w/ some cute boy models and photographer Jamie Fleck and stylist Alexandra Loeb.  The theme or concept of the shoot was two brothers working on a horse farm in love w/ two girls.  I finally got my hands on the final product and now I can share it w/ you!

The shoot has a nice commercial fashion look to it and will be a nice addition to my men's section.  I think it turned out well esp. considering it's not always easy to work w/ live animals (we did at one point have a wild stallion running loose and I think the owner almost had a heart attack over that one) and the wind was also something to contend w/ (always esp. annoying when it comes to keeping the hair in check).

W/out further adieu here's the pics!

 I think this is my Fav pic from the shoot!  Look at that gorgeous background!
 What a cutie!  Both guys were really sweet!