Monday, February 28, 2011

Vincent Longo Water Canvas Base Review

About a mth or so ago the wonderful ppl at Apothica sent me a full size bottle of Vincent Longo's Water Canvas Base/Primer to try.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm kind of obsessed w/ finding the perfect primer...I don't know how this even started.  I heard a lot of good things about the Vincent Longo line and esp. about the primer and their Water Canvas Foundation (which I was VERY tempted to try but worried since I was picking from online I would not pick the right colour). 

Unfortunately, I haven't found anywhere in Toronto (although it is available in Vancouver) that sells Vincent Longo cosmetics and there isn't that many places that sell it in the US either (quite a few places in California) which is a shame b/c there are some great reviews about some of the products...well at least we can all order from Apothica!

So overall I like this primer.  I really wanted to try it out on a number of my clients as well as myself to really get a thorough opinion of the product and I can say there was no one that it didn't work well on.  It feels VERY light...lighter than any primer I think I've ever used!  As you may remember I reviewed Arbonne primer not that long ago and I really liked it b/c it left a really soft almost baby powder sort of feel on my skin while this product I didn't really feel at all although it did work by extending the wear time of my foundation, helping the foundation blend and spread easier, stopping makeup from creasing in my laugh lines and minimizing my pore size. 

Some ppl might like that you really couldn't feel it and I have to say I think it's a really good primer for men's grooming jobs b/c it just goes on so smooth and light and personally when I'm doing men's grooming I try to use a very light hand w/ my makeup and literally only apply makeup where necessary b/c let's be real it doesn't matter who the guy is they usually want to spend as little time in the makeup chair as possible and want to have the makeup feel as light as possible. 

Also in the past I've had issues w/ silcone based primers like Arbonne and Smashbox getting bally on occasion when you layer the foundation on top (usually just using less of the primer solved this problem).  I had no issues w/ this primer doing that on any of the clients I used it on and I used it on ppl of all ages, genders and races. 

Technically, it's suppose to work best w/ the Vincent Long Water Canvas Foundation but let's be real usually that's just a marketing ploy to get consumers to buy both products.  It worked fine w/ any of the different foundations I used on my clients from liquid to powder to cream. 

The price is a little high for some ppl.  It really depends on what your budget is.  It's around $44 and the tube isn't that large but a little bit goes a LONG way.  It has a gel like consistency and it's not greasy feeling at all. 

I think overall I really liked this primer for my Men & Children clients b/c it did feel super light and not greasy but I think for myself I still preferred the Arbonne primer b/c I really liked velvety smooth finish I felt on my skin after I applied it and I think it just worked a bit better for my skin type. 


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure they sell Vincent Longo at Sephora.

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Nope it was discontinued :(