Saturday, February 12, 2011

OPI Shatter Nail Polish Review

Even though I get regular manicures and I'm all about keeping my hands relatively nice and pretty (I figure b/c my hands and fingers are in ppl's faces all the time it's important) I don't normally blog about nail polish...I leave that up to my friend and nail polish fiend Ashley Readings.  I don't even normally buy nail polish for myself b/c I just go and get manicures every 2 wks and they have an amazing selection of colours so why bother...although I will admit I frequently choose my nail polish by it's cute name!

I do have an array of nail polish for shoots b/c it is sometimes necessary to do manicures on set and over the last yr I've found myself getting creative w/ the nails for editorial shoots...I'm literally becoming a one woman control freak - Makeup, Hair & Nails...God help me if I ever figure out how to work a camera!

Anyway, OPI came out w/ a limited addition Katy Perry line of nail polish.  I don't know any of the colours in the line to be honest but I did notice the Shatter Nail Polish immediately and knew I had to have it.  It has a really cool 80s feel to it b/c it creates this black shattered or cracked effect on the nail.  I figured not only would it be great for me and my manicures but I'd LOVE to incorporate it into a shoot in the future!

Well I'm not the only one who wanted this nail polish.  It's literally selling out EVERYWHERE almost IMMEDIATELY!  Well last night I was at my local hair supply shop buying weft to make extensions for one of my brides and I saw the OPI Katy Perry display and she actually had a couple of bottle of the Shatter nail polish.  I immediately grabbed a bottle and knew I wanted to try it out immediately!

On the bottle it says to use Shatter w/ the Katy Perry nail polish line...well that's just a marketing ploy it will work on any nail polish.  I went and got a polish change today at my local nail salon - I got OPI "It's All Greek To Me" which is a very vibrant magenta.  Normally, this is a colour that I love for Summer but would avoid in the Winter when I tend to choose darker colours but when you are using Shatter which is a black nail polish you want the first colour to be a high contrast to it so a bright and vibrant colour like pink, blue, yellow, orange etc. work really well!  I got the nail colour at the salon but I didn't ask them to put the Shatter on b/c I wanted to experiment w/ it myself after.  I was a bit skeptical that I would like the effect or that it would work but it does and I LOVE it! 

Personally, I would say clean off the brush quite a bit before you apply a coat of Shatter.  You don't want it to completely cover the original colour b/c you want enough of the original colour to show through.  Plus the streaky coat will help it "crack" and "shatter" better to create the effect you want.  I would definitely say try it out if you're looking for something fun and different for your nails.  It has a really cool 80s or rock and edgy feel to it that I really like and you can get creative w/ the colours you layer underneath it.  I also think it looks really good on short nails (which I have)...sometimes new and popular nail styles or techniques only look good on longer nails but this definitely works on shorter nails. 

Here's some pics of my nails all Painted & Pretty!

 Excuse my dry and cracked cuticles this cold weather is KILLING me...and my hands!


Bombchell said...

I plan to get it

Anonymous said...

does it only come in black?

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

As far as I know it's only available in Black right now :)

Sara said...

China glaze came out with a grey one called "crackle."

Nikki T said...

These effects are fsntastic I always get good coments when i were them Barry M do 4 colurs black whight blue and Pink and OPI now do about 7 I like OPI's silver shater over Gold that looks ever classy i may get the red one next
the black looks good if you go a bit off the wall and have 5 different coulers one on each nail but thay have to be bright couler you wouldnot normaly wear and yes it dose look grate on short nails

Thanks for the review and your nails looked fab

Kat said...

The pictures of your nails really help to see the shattered nail polish effect!
Where To Buy OPI Polish

ambra said...

Your nails look perfect!!
OPI is definitely my favorite brand of nailpolish-:) lucky lucky lavender is by far my favorite!
here my review :