Friday, February 4, 2011

Caruso Ion Steam Rollers Review

For Christmas one of my gifts was the Caruso Ion Steam Rollers.  I'd heard and read about them for awhile and I wanted to give them a try myself.  I've used Hot Rollers in the past but I've always hated how clunky most of the systems were and that's why I've tried to never bring them w/ me on set.  As you all know I try to keep my kit light and compact and carrying a set of Hot Rollers doesn't really work for me. 

The Caruso Roller system isn't necessarily that small...well the little thing that heats up the rollers is small and compact but you do have to of course carry the rollers which aren't tiny but you could always just shove them randomly in the nooks and crannies of your kit or bag. 

There is also a travel version where the heat up system is a bit smaller than the ion one and it has dual retrospect I probably should have got that one b/c I really can't imagine there being that much difference between how long the curls last w/ the ion one compared to the reg. one...although they say the curls are suppose to last longer w/ the ion one.  Also I should mention you don't have to use the Ion setting w/ the ion one it does have a normal setting as well and the ion setting does make a bit of noise but personally it doesn't bug me.

So basically the great thing about this curler system is it sets your hair using steam and therefore it doesn't damage your hair...which for ppl that are constantly heat styling their hair is a great thing!  Also the steam prevents frizz for a smooth and long lasting curl.  You put like a cup of water in this little system and it heats up in literally under a min (in the old systems you use to have to add a pinch of salt but you don't have to do that anymore).  How quickly it heats up is another plus to me compared to hot roller sets which sometimes take like 10 mins to heat up.  You individually pop the curler on the heat system and in under 10 sec the foam on the roller is heated up and you're ready to wrap your hair in the roller.  While you're wrapping your hair in the one curler you throw the next curler on the heat system to heat it up.  You then secure the roller w/ these red plastic cage sort of things which although make the curlers clunkier to carry around are really great and securly holding the roller in place and helping the steam set plus and this is a big plus for me they don't leave any sort of crimp or mark on the hair like I've found some clips from traditional hot roller systems do. 

You get 30 rollers in like 5 different sizes w/ the set which is great.  Tons of sizes and for me w/ my long, very straight and thin hair I only use like 12-14 of the larger size rollers for my entire head.  I haven't really used the smaller curlers yet so I don't know how my hair would look w/ them.  Although I really love the soft, bouncy curls I get from the larger rollers.  I've used the system about 6 times now and I really like the results although I'll be totally honest I haven't found that the curls last for DAYS w/ me...but I really need to cut some layers into my hair b/c it is so long and straight right now.  Also it's really cold and windy here in Toronto so that probably doesn't help the curls...esp. since I've mostly used the system on nights out on the town and my hair has gotten pretty tangled and wind blown.  Usually after a couple of hours the effect I've been left w/ is a really nice blow out hairstyle...and there is nothing wrong w/ that!

So here's some pics of me using the system w/ the final results!

FYI my hair has NOT been straightened in the first couple of's really that flat and naturally straight just from blow drying lol!  Also I'm growing out my bangs if you can't tell lol.
 Wow my hair is getting so long!  I haven't had it this long in YRS!  Need some layers though that's for sure!
Me w/ the rollers in!
 These are the curls after the rollers first come out before they been shaken out a bit w/ my fingers
 After the shake out...gorgeous results!
 Love the Volume!
 Love it all pushed to one side...very sexy!

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Liz said...

You just totally sold me on these - I don't have a hot roller set but your curls look fantastic. Can't wait to experiment!