Monday, March 7, 2011

The Image Interview

So about a mth ago I did this really fun interview/photoshoot w/ Photographer Joel Yum who created this really cool Blog - The Image Interview.

Basically, it's this blog that introduces the public to different artists in all sorts of mediums - stylists, actors, painters, makeup artists etc.  What's cool about it is it's not the typical interview format.  It's an interview through pictures taken by Image Interview creator Joel Yum.  He does a mix of polaroids and pictures taken w/ an actual camera.  Some staged and some just taken in the moment.  Joel does ask a few questions about your craft or your own person style and inspiration and you right your answer on blank polaroids and he has tons of colourful markers to write w/ was like colour time in grade school lol. 

It was a really cool and fun experience to step in front of the camera again...and a little weird too I'm going to admit.  Joel was really cool and helped keep the whole thing nice and relaxed.   So go check out his blog and learn about some of the cool artists Toronto has to offer...and check out my INTERVIEW!


Elaine A said...

I just saw your interview, so cool! I love the style of it, so unique :) Great job! You look so cute in the pictures too by the way!

Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts) said...

you looked GREAT! ;D