Monday, March 21, 2011

A Splash Of Colour

Here's a sneak peak of a quick beauty creative I did last wk w/ photographer Manolo Ceron and the beautiful Mikayla (Ford).  I've actually known Manolo since pretty much the beginning of my makeup career...great photographer but definitely an "acquired taste" lol (Manolo I know you're going to be reading this ;) ). 

Manolo is a very honest no bullshit type of guy which doesn't always go over well in the Fashion World which can notoriously be made up of phonies.  He's very blunt but I'm also very blunt so that's probably why I can take it and not really care.  He's also annoying as all hell sometimes and literally the ONLY photographer that I have EVER argued back w/...repeatedly...all the time...nonstop...but I know he doesn't mind that's just how our relationship works (and it's all in good fun...mostly) .  Actually, I imagine that's how a lot of Manolo's relationships work lol.

The concept was originally clean, glossy this one shoot we had done back when we first met (can always use some clean beauty in the book...esp. in Toronto).  I did exactly what we did back then only to find out Manolo actually wanted clean, wet, shiny beauty...therefore sprayed her hair down w/ water and added a whole lot of glycerin. 

After that was all done we decided to have a little fun w/ some OCC pigments and the pic shown is the end results right at the end of the shoot before Mikayla had to jet to her dentist's appt.  Can't wait to see some of the other pics from the shoot...and to work w/ this team again.  Mikayla was a dream and such a beauty...and Manolo well he's lucky he takes such pretty pictures ;)


Diana said...

Beautiful work Jessica.
i recently started a blog i just wanted to say thank you for the post on "assisting a senior artist" really gave me great ideas when sending out emails.. haven't had any luck how i was doing it before.


Mihai said...

Hi. I read your article and seems to be a good one. You've had imagination when you create the picture. Well done.


Mitu Rosu said...

Thank you very much for the post.Good job with those picture of yours.